Chinese Theme Fireworks Bloom In Europe

- Aug 07, 2018-

On the evening of August 4th, a famous Chinese theme fireworks festival was held in the small European park of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The event was co-organized by the Chinese Mission to the European Union and the “Small Europe” Park, organized by the Belgian European and Chinese International Cultural Exchange Company. The enthusiastic Chinese folk dance, the sound and light show of Chinese and Western, and the dazzling fireworks show have given the local people a rare audio-visual feast, adding a bright color to the 2018 “China-EU Tourism Year”.


The “Little Europe” Park is located on the side of the landmark Atomic Tower in Brussels and is a famous miniature landscape park. The park covers an area of 24,000 square meters and incorporates models of the 28 European Union landmarks. Every August, the park hosts sound and light shows and fireworks displays on three Saturday nights.

At 10:15 that evening, the sound and light show officially began. Under the accompaniment of the classic music music of Central Europe, the red, yellow and blue lights representing the Chinese flag and the EU flag are projected on the miniature landscape. The whole park seems to have become a fairy tale world under the contrast of light and shadow. In the middle of the park, the local Chinese performing the Yangko drum dance attracted people's attention.

Afterwards, the beautiful fireworks competed to bloom, and the night sky in Brussels was decorated with brilliance. The Atomic Tower also opened up the landscape lighting, like the nine white planets hanging in the night, and the fireworks that rise and bloom are beautiful. People have raised their mobile phones to freeze this fascinating night.

“This is the 23rd Fireworks Festival held in our park. The biggest difference between this year’s Fireworks Festival and previous years is the theme of Chinese culture.” “Little Europe” Park Director Thierry Muse said, “ The China-EU Tourism Year has brought new vitality to the European tourism market, and the “Little Europe” Park has also benefited from it. Many Chinese tourists have come here. “Because of the Chinese element, this year’s Fireworks Festival has a more festive atmosphere and more attention.”

Eric Philippa, special adviser to the European Commission's "China-EU Tourism Year", came with his little daughter to watch. He told this reporter, "This is an unforgettable Chinese night, putting 'China' The EU Tourism Year has pushed to a new climax. These awkward fireworks not only illuminate the night sky of Brussels, but also illuminate the friendly exchanges between the EU and China. This year's series of tourism cultural exchange activities have further brought Europe and China closer. The distance of the people has enhanced mutual understanding and feelings."

Danny Bobst, a member of the Antwerp Region of Belgium, also made a special trip to participate in the event. He told this reporter that the event tonight is a rare audio-visual feast, from which you can feel the unique charm of Chinese culture.

Wang Hongjian, the temporary representative of the Chinese Mission to the European Union, said that the China Theme Fireworks Festival is an important event of the "China-EU Tourism Year". The "China-EU Tourism Year" is a highlight of China-EU relations this year. It provides an important opportunity for China-Europe tourism to strengthen its docking, and promotes the cooperation between other industries in China and Europe, and enhances mutual understanding and understanding between China and Europe.