Circular On The 1·23 Explosion Accident Of Yayaoshan Fireworks Factory In Shangli County, China

- Jan 25, 2019-

Circular on the "1·23" explosion accident of Yayaoshan Fireworks Factory in Shangli County

Pingxiang, Yichun, Fuzhou, Nanchang City Security Committee:
At around 23:00 on January 23, 2019, a fire accident occurred in the Yayaoshan Fireworks Factory in Shangli County. The accident workshop was the No. 77 medicinal cake transfer workshop and the No. 78 loaded gunpowder workshop. The accident caused two deaths and two injuries. The cause of accident is under investigation. The accident fully exposed the company's disregard of safety production laws and regulations, ignored the safety production instructions, changed the use of the workshop, changed the process, slammed the production and overtime production, and the safety supervision of the grassroots government and relevant departments was not strict. In order to learn the lessons of the accident, we will intensify the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise, further strengthen the safety supervision of fireworks and firecrackers this winter and the spring, and strictly guard against accidents. The following requirements are put forward for the relevant work:
First, do a good job in the safety production supervision of fireworks and firecrackers this winter and next spring
The “1·23” explosion accident in Yalishan Mountain Fireworks Factory in Shangli County was the first production safety accident in the fireworks and firecracker industry in our province. The accident occurred during the period of suspension of production and shutdown in the fireworks and firecrackers industry, and it was also carried out in various places. At the end of the year, the end of the year is strictly guarded against the security phase. In view of the serious violations and bad nature of the company, the local government is requested to immediately set up an accident investigation team, strictly in accordance with the principle of “four not letting go”, according to the law, and strictly handle it. The fireworks and firecrackers should pay great attention to the origin of the fireworks, and make serious efforts to prevent accidents. First, conduct security investigations immediately. It is important to check whether the company has stopped production and stop work, whether to install an intelligent power-off system, whether to ignore the safety production instructions, there are surprise production or "three super-one change" and overtime production. Once found, in strict accordance with the "Emergency Notice of the Jiangxi Provincial Administration of Work Safety on Strengthening Major Risk Control and Prevention of Fireworks and Firecrackers Safety Production Accidents" (Zhao'an Supervision Hua Canu [2017] No. 158) requires punishment to be in place, where the circumstances are serious enough to cause an accident. All corporate safety production licenses will be revoked. The second is to effectively increase law enforcement. If the responsibility of the main body of the enterprise is not implemented, and the system for the suspension of production and maintenance of the emergency management departments of the province, city or county, the disposal of discarded drugs, and the day-to-day value of the person in charge of the enterprise are not strictly implemented, the standard for the determination of hidden dangers of major production safety accidents in the production and operation units of fireworks and firecrackers shall be The Ten Articles and the implementation of the opinions of the provincial bureaus (the document No. 179 of the Yongan Supervision Hua Canu [2017]) are strictly imposed. The third is to continue to maintain the "fighting" high pressure situation. Intensify the investigation and inspection, focusing on the administrative area junction zone, idle factory buildings, and the recent closure of exiting fireworks and firecrackers production idle labor warehouses and other places. The fourth is serious accountability. Supervisors who go through the examinations, conduct law enforcement, and do not perform their duties seriously must be strictly accountable.
2. Strengthen supervision and inspection of the operation, storage, transportation and discharge of fireworks and firecrackers
Emergency management (safety supervision) departments at all levels should actively cooperate with the public security, market supervision and other departments to further strengthen the supervision and inspection of fireworks and firecrackers management, storage, transportation and discharge, and urge enterprises to apply fireworks and firecrackers to the management information system. Purchase products with unclear identification and unclear flow; to strengthen the supervision of fireworks and firecrackers during the holiday season, fireworks and firecrackers wholesale enterprises are strictly prohibited from operating beyond the scope of licenses. It is strictly forbidden to purchase and sell illegal and counterfeit, counterfeit and excessive products, and prohibit warehouse overweight. Storage, over-the-counter work and unpacking and unpacking in the warehouse; fireworks and firecracker retail outlets are strictly forbidden to “front store, back store, store down”, centralized contiguous operation, street-street-style sales, and prohibiting excessive storage of business premises. Use open flames; actively promote and guide consumers to purchase and discharge qualified products that are personally placed to ensure the safety of the discharge. At the same time, all localities should also include retail outlets in the banned ban area, effectively strengthen policy propaganda and guidance, and effectively maintain social stability. All stored wholesale fireworks and firecrackers should be returned to the income bank to minimize retailers. Economic losses.
Third, strict after the Spring Festival resumption of production acceptance criteria, procedures check
The fireworks and firecrackers origin and all relevant departments should fully understand the importance of doing a good job of resumption of production after the Spring Festival, resolutely overcome the idea of lax and numbness, and make early acceptance of acceptance criteria, acceptance procedures, and acceptance work. Effectively strengthen the inspection of key equipment, key parts and key links of enterprises, and urge enterprises to seriously carry out self-examination and self-correction of hidden dangers. Strictly implement the responsibility of the main body of the enterprise. The enterprise shall build a file for the self-examination of hidden dangers, strictly follow the "four in place" organization rectification, achieve closed-loop management, and conscientiously implement the "double-five" system for hidden danger investigation. It is necessary to promote the construction of intelligent monitoring systems in a solid manner, so as to ensure that hidden dangers can be prevented and controlled immediately; whether to install intelligent monitoring systems as one of the prerequisites for enterprise resumption of production, and to change "people" into " Machine management, truly improve the efficiency of safety supervision, and comprehensively improve the level of safety supervision.
Jiangxi Provincial Security Committee Office
January 24, 2019