Customs Officers Help Liuyang Fireworks Export Globally

- Aug 09, 2019-

In order to ensure the smooth export of Liuyang fireworks, the staff of Liuyang Customs shuttled into these metal containers every day. At 1 pm on August 1, it was the hottest time of the day. At the warehouse of Hunan Huayang Warehousing and Transportation Company, Wu Junmin and his colleagues of Liuyang Customs Supervision Section got into the tin container, inspect fireworks as usual. Under the continuous "high-temperature barbecue mode", as a first-line customs inspector, Wu Junmin worked with high temperature for a long time, so that a batch of Liuyang fireworks went out of the country smoothly.


(Metal container, after exposure in the sun, internal temperature up to 50 ° C)

Check more than 70 containers per day

In front of the warehouse, there is a row of containers waiting to be loaded. The air circulation in the container is not smooth. Just stepping into the container, it feels very hot and very hard to bear, and the thermometer shows that the temperature inside the container is as high as 50 °C.


"There are fireworks in the container. Although the temperature inside is very high, as long as it does not rub and friction, this temperature is safe for fireworks." Wu Junmin said.

"While the fireworks can be safe, but in such a high temperature container, why not take a fan to cool the staff?" The reporter has some doubts, Wu Junmin explained that in order to ensure the safety of the fireworks and firecrackers goods, the vicinity of the container is not allowed to be energized.

Innocently taking into account the heat, Wu Junmin and his colleagues walked into the depths of the container and carefully checked the relevant information such as the batch number, internal and external packaging, and dangerous code marking. After completing a series of inspection procedures, the military uniforms of Wu Junmin had already been soaked when they came out of the container. The sweat like the beans fell from the cheeks, and the blue uniform turned dark blue and clung to the body.


“Now is the peak period for exporting fireworks to the European market.” Wu Junmin said that on average, his colleagues are required to supervise more than 70 containers per day, and at most one day, they have installed more than 120 containers.

 At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Wu Junmin took his colleague to the open-air yard. The hot sun is heading, swimming between containers, and the heat waves are pressing. "If necessary, we must conduct another random inspection. After confirmation, these goods can be transported to Yueyang Port and transported from the Yangtze River to Shanghai Port for export to the rest of the world."

Grab time

Two days to test and inspect 550,000 cartons fireworks and firecrackers 

"In May of this year, due to the need for rectification of Yueyang Port's qualifications, the export channel of Liuyang Fireworks was blocked, and many enterprises' goods were backlogged in the warehouse." The person in charge of the Municipal Fireworks and Firecrackers Export Branch introduced, in May and June In the golden period of shipment of the European market, 90% of Liuyang’s fireworks exports must go to the Yueyang Passage. If this passage are not available, the enterprises will not function properly. “Small enterprises may even be forced to stop production. During that period, the government, departments and industries very anxious."


“Every day I deal with the fireworks industry, I can understand their feelings especially.” Li Lei, director of the Liuyang Customs Office, said that after the high-end coordination of the provincial, Changsha and Liuyang municipal committees and municipal governments, the export channel was finally opened. Before leaving work on July 19, I was temporarily notified that Yueyang Port had resumed customs clearance, and my colleagues took the initiative to apply for overtime on weekends. From July 20th to 21st, two days on weekends, a total of 160 containers were supervised, 271 tickets for customs declaration, and more than 550,000 cartons of fireworks and firecrackers were exported. As the person in charge of supervision, Wu Junmin worked overtime for two consecutive days until the early morning of the next day.

In the following week, the staff of Liuyang Customs tested a total of more than 1.3 million cartons of fireworks and firecrackers for 9 days, with a value of nearly 30 million US dollars, and digested 70% of the backlog of inventory.

"I am very grateful to the comrades of the Customs for overtime to supervise the installation and procedures, and our pressure has been reduced a lot." In the WeChat exchange group of fireworks enterprises, the heads of fireworks companies have praised them.