Daidala, A New Toy Fireworks Were Born In Liuyang

- May 28, 2018-

I. Background and Status

1. Contradiction between the rapid increase in consumer demand for toy fireworks and the continuing lag in toy fireworks industry

After a long visit by the project team, the survey found that in developed countries and regions such as Western Europe, North America, East Asia, South Korea and other regions, children's toy fireworks consumption accounts for about 45% -75% of total fireworks consumption, while Southeast Asia, South America, etc. Toy fireworks in developing countries account for about 15-30% of total fireworks consumption. According to surveys conducted by major fireworks provinces, toy fireworks in China currently account for less than 5% of total fireworks consumption. There are some problems with such large data differences, such as consumption habits, consumer identity, and legal norms. But overall, there is a huge space for toy fireworks consumption in mainland China. According to analysis by industry experts, the Chinese toy fireworks market will increase rapidly at a rate of 30% in the future.

2. Contradictions between the change in the pursuit of the value of toy fireworks and the backwardness of toy fireworks products

At present, the consumer groups of toy fireworks are no longer what we often say after the 70s and 80s. They were born in the era of the Internet and the “digital natives” grew up in a more affluent and more-selected era. They have a high degree of brand loyalty. , And willing to try new things, is a new era of consumers, the pursuit of toy fireworks are mostly stylish, interesting, interactive, cultural IP-related, tasteful. Obviously, traditional toy fireworks cannot meet these requirements. Therefore, the toy fireworks consumer market is in a stage of stagnation or slow development at a certain period of time. The innovative development and multi-style development of toy fireworks has become a necessary condition for satisfying and guiding the pursuit value of toy fireworks.

3. Great Opportunity for Toy Fireworks through Macro-control of Policy and Structural Reform of Industry

With the development of innovation productivity in the structural reforms of the entire society, total factor productivity and multi-industry cross-border integration have become the inevitable development of the industry. Innovative models and innovative products have attracted more and more attention. At the same time, the fireworks industry's policy requirements for safety, environmental protection, science and technology, and innovation are further deepened. Macroscopically, the healthy and sustainable development of the entire industry is regulated. The unique advantages of toy fireworks will form new growth points and breakthroughs in the fireworks industry.

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II.About Daedala

1. The oldest toy - Daeda Dadaya

Made in the 7th century BC, it is said to be the world's oldest bell-shaped pottery doll from Greece. The oldest and most admired toy that traces the ancient history of Greece and the splendid ancient civilization is a doll toy. The toy legs of Daedalha made ropes connected to the body so that the legs can swing in the heyday of ancient Greece. The doll was made in the Greek Archaeological Museum. Dyidala dolls are of different shapes and styles, but all Dydays have concentrated on three core values: happiness, interaction, and friends. These three core values are the key to the healthy growth of all children.

2. Daidala positioning

Daidala is based on traditional fireworks culture and modern technology innovation, focusing on the application of children's toy fireworks market, independent research and development of creative, new, intelligent, cultural children's toy fireworks products, to create a brand, product development, production of its own products, new Model marketing integrated industrial ecosystem.

Toy fireworks have been conceptually overlapped with “small products”. There is no uniform definition, and small products are just common names used in the industry. They all have: high safety factor and strong playability. , deep cultural connotation, characteristics of strong process attributes. Due to the influence of bad consumption concepts in the past, the market pursued “more and more stimulating, bigger and more faceful”, causing a serious imbalance in the current fireworks industry structure. The sales of industrialized combination fireworks that appeared in the late 1980s now occupy the fireworks market. Half of the country’s mountains have caused the loss of small products and are constantly out of touch with consumers. The public’s concept of fireworks is limited to large-scale fireworks, and little is known about toy fireworks.

How to persist in inheritance and innovation, break through the "bottleneck" of policies on the prohibition limits, let toy fireworks really go out. It must be in line with international standards, reshape this segmented industry, create a new concept, and essentially make toy fireworks a qualitative leap forward.

3, product concept

Dydara is not equal to toys and fireworks, but is a joyous new experience rooted in toys and fireworks. Since the launch of the project, the total investment has been approximately 20 million yuan. Great efforts have been made in product R&D. Major universities and famous enterprises such as Tsinghua University, Milan Art Institute, and Huawei Technologies have invited heavyweight R&D teams to form a project research and development talent team. The team of consultants aims to fully discover new experiences and new technologies of Dyidala toy fireworks products.

Through three years of market inspection and product innovation, Dyidala Toy Fireworks has developed more than 100 products, forming a modular layout of Shenzhen as a creative R&D center, Changsha as a brand model center, and Liuyang as a marketing center.

3.1 Intelligence - Using intelligent chip technology and remote control technology to combine the interactive attributes of fireworks and toys, to develop smart toy fireworks that surpass tradition.

3.2 Culture—Introducing or independently developing cultural IP, and creating cultural products that combine the traditional fireworks culture features with modern pop elements.

3.3 Creativity - Make full use of the three attributes of the creative function, creative appearance, and creative experience of toys and fireworks, so that each product is a creative toy fireworks product.

3.4 Fun - The fun of toys and the fun of fireworks are effectively united to reflect the best fireworks and best looking toys.

3.5 Security - Choose the fireworks with new materials with the highest safety factor to make toy fireworks, design the minimum safety risks, and launch safety toy fireworks that children can participate in.

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III. Four product systems that constitute the Daidala children's toy firework empire

Based on the product characteristics of Dyday Dara and consumer market selection habits, we divided the entire product line into four categories, namely, technology-based intelligence control, scenario product, cultural and creative, and fun package, which can satisfy all ages at the same time. Children buy toy fireworks products. The project team is expected to launch more than 100 creative and new-type toy fireworks each year. We will form and dominate the toy fireworks heat phenomenon in the fireworks industry in a certain period of time, so that the popularity and reputation of Dyidala toy fireworks will be from manufacturers and distributors. Business to consumer full coverage.

Champion fireworks company will pay close attention to the development of this new type of toy fireworks and timely recommend them to fireworks importers and wholesalers around the world. For more fireworks information, please visit our website: www.championfirework.com or contact us by whatsapp:+8613548606775.