Display Shells And Cakes Fireworks Light The Sky Of Japan

- Jun 14, 2018-

Japanese photographers use a lens to record Japan's unique fireworks culture. In Japan, people often use “spring cherry blossoms, summer fireworks, autumn red leaves, and winter white snow” to describe the four seasons. It can be seen that fireworks are so important in the local area.


Especially in July and August of each year, there are many fireworks festivals across Japan. It can be said that watching fireworks and swimming at the beach are the main leisure content for Japanese people in the summer. Not only that, Japan's annual fireworks display will have as many as 8,500 events.

The release of fireworks in Japan has been a traditional culture that has a history of several hundred years. The fireworks that were first bloomed are considered to have the ability to drive exorcism.


In the 16th century, fireworks technology and gunpowder weapons were introduced to Japan, and the fireworks show became popular in the middle of the Edo period (1603-1868) in the 18th century.


It is believed that the fireworks assembly can pay homage to the dead who died in disease and famine. “Welcome to the fire, forget the lights,” and shortly afterwards, the fireworks show that lit the night sky became an essential traditional item in the summer.


Along with the deepening and development of the fireworks culture, Japan also has a unique “fireworks technician” occupation, as well as various kinds of fireworks competitions dedicated to “firework technicians”.

The "Fireworks Technician" winner will be awarded the Prime Minister's Award.


In Japan, fireworks are not only for good looks, but also traditional extensions. Fireworks itself drives economic development.

Because of the fireworks, the dining and living conditions of the restaurant will be driven up. Therefore, the fireworks are not merely an ornamental value. Nowadays, there is a close connection between fireworks and romantic dating.


In the Japanese fireworks culture, girls who watch fireworks will wear a special “bathrobe”, which looks more like a simple version of the kimono, with a strong culture, and because of its low price, it is popular with local young people.

This virtually formed a "yukata culture" and bathrobe industry, and the fireworks industry developed with each other.

Japan has a unique craftsmanship that can create the world's largest and best display shells. But despite this, many fireworks products are imported from China, including cakes, rockets, missiles, sparklers, cold fireworks, toy fireworks.