European Police Cracked A Private Smuggler Fireworks Gang

- Dec 10, 2018-

According to KPVI local time on December 6, 2018

European police cracked a private smuggler fireworks gang

Police in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands have uncovered an organized criminal gang that illegally sells fireworks in Europe.

EU Police Agency Europol said that the Polish police seized 80 tons of fireworks on Thursday and arrested 35 suspects.

Europol also said that Polish suspects ship about 1,500 kilograms of fireworks every day to EU member states, including the 500 kilogram explosion of powerful F4 fireworks (F4 fireworks, which can only be discharged by professional technicians).

The police in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands also intercepted illegal fireworks without any indications. At the same time, the Dutch government also closed four online platforms for selling fireworks.


1. EU Fireworks:

Category F1 (over 12 years old)

Category F2 (over 16 years old)

Category F3 (over 18 years old)

Category F4 (Professional discharge)

Stage Fireworks T1 (18 years old)

Stage Fireworks T2 (Professionals discharge)

Other pyrotechnic products P1 (18 years old)

Other pyrotechnic products P2 (professional discharge)


Dutch sales of fireworks: December 29th to December 31st

Personal fireworks display time: from 18:00 on December 31 to 2 am on January 1 (ie only 8 hours legally discharged)