Fireworks Algorithm Can Control The Fireworks Bloom In What Kind Of Space

- Feb 06, 2018-

So far, the research of fireworks algorithm is still very preliminary. In some respects, it is still blank, and in many aspects it is still superficial. It is in urgent need of extensive researches by interested researchers. The future development of fireworks algorithm summed up, you can have the following aspects:

1, the theoretical basis of the algorithm and analysis (stability, convergence, convergence characteristics, parameter sensitivity analysis)

In-depth study of various improvement methods (how various factors affect the performance of fireworks algorithms and how to control and adjust them effectively) The emphasis is on the establishment and research of the synergistic mechanism between sub-fireworks)

3, the study of mixed methods

4, big data problem solving (how to deal with huge data?)

5, the dynamic optimization problem solving (Optimization of the target value changes over time, such as: the dynamic search of the group of robots search problem)

6, a wider range of applied research