Fireworks And Firecrackers Factories In Hunan Province Will Stop Production At High Temperatures

- Jun 26, 2018-

From July 1 to September 1, the fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises in Hunan Province were suspended in principle. On June 25, the provincial safety supervision bureau issued relevant news.


At present, the province has entered the hot season, frequent thunderstorms and geological disasters, and the number of unfavorable factors in the production of fireworks and firecrackers has increased. In order to ensure the safe production of fireworks and firecrackers in the hot season, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau requires all localities to formulate and implement a safety production plan for fireworks and firecracker production enterprises under high-temperature season according to actual conditions. Based on the principle of observance, the specific production stop time and deadline shall be determined by each production area according to actual conditions. Determine: If the temperature during the main working hours exceeds the “Technical Regulations on the Safety of Fireworks and Firecrackers”, the production must be suspended; enterprises that have a good record of production safety and integrity shall be allowed to produce the goods on the premise of the consent of the local people's government at the county level and clear management responsibility. When abnormal weather such as thunderstorms or drugs temperature rises and discolors and odors occur, the production must be stopped immediately and the personnel must be evacuated. When the room temperature exceeds 34°C in direct contact with the pyrotechnic process, the production should be stopped when the room temperature of other dangerous processes exceeds 36°C.

It is understood that during the period of high-temperature production shutdown, the safety supervision department will strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the company's suspension of production. If the unauthorized production is resumed during the period of high-temperature production stoppage, it shall be subject to administrative punishment in accordance with laws and regulations and resolutely crack down on illegal production and business operations. In addition, the safety supervision, public security, transportation, industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments will also coordinate the linkage, and severely crack down on black gunpowder, ignition line, shells and click on gunpowder violations and criminal acts.

The Provincial Work Safety Administration reminded that enterprises should use high-temperature production to stop production, organize professionals to seriously investigate hidden dangers, do a good job in upgrading the quality of the work (house) room, and maintain and maintain the production facilities and equipment, strengthen the protective barrier, and do a good job of lightning protection, fire prevention, and prevention. Facilities such as static electricity and video surveillance were overhauled, and safety education and training and emergency drills for employees were carried out to further improve safety conditions and ensure smooth acceptance and restoration of production.