Fireworks And Firecrackers Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Area Construction Rapid Advancement

- Jul 29, 2018-

On May 22nd, Liuyang Municipal Government and Xinsong Robot Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Heng Shuo Zhi An Automation Technology Co., Ltd. jointly signed the "Explosion Robot and Fireworks and Firecracker Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Framework Cooperation Agreement" to jointly create "Fireworks and Firecracker Robot R&D Innovation Public The service platform and production center, namely “one yard and four centers”, promote the development of Liuyang fireworks intelligent manufacturing.


Since then, Xinsong Robot, Beijing Hengshuo Shuo Zhi An and Liuyang Fireworks have interacted frequently. At the end of June, it was decided to establish a “Smart Manufacturing Exhibition Center” in Liuyang. The center will focus on the fireworks and firecracker manufacturing robots, smart factories and robotics culture, and provide intelligent manufacturing technology services and strategic reference for the future development of the fireworks and firecrackers industry. As of July 26, the site selection work has been carried out in Liuyang High-tech Zone, Jintan Fireworks and Yuelong Burning Range.

Intelligent manufacturing injects momentum into the fireworks and firecracker industry, and also brings new development opportunities and wisdom tests. The strategic journey of Xinsong Robot, Beijing Hengshuo Chunan and Liuyang Fireworks will be launched soon.