From July 1st To August 31st, All Fireworks And Firecracker Manufacturers In Liuyang Will Implement Step-by-step Production Stoppage

- Jun 25, 2019-

According to the arrangement of the Liuyang City Safety Production Committee Office, because the hot season is coming, all fireworks and firecrackers factories in Liuyang will enter the rest period soon!

That is to say, from July 1st to August 31st, all fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises will implement step-by-step production stoppage.


Details as follows:

1. The third category of enterprises and temporarily unclassified production enterprises should stop production from 0:00 on July 1.

2. In the second category of enterprises, the domestic sales enterprises should stop production at 0:00 on July 7, and all the drug-using processes should stop production at 0:00 on July 11. The export enterprises in the second category (required to provide the valid registration code and export order granted by Changsha Customs) shall be approved by the township (street) and reported to the Liuyang Municipal Emergency Management Bureau for the record, which can produce until July 31, but the drug line must stop production on 27th July, and all processes must stop production at 0:00 on August 1.

3. The first-class production enterprises should stop drug line production at 0:00 on August 11 and  all processes must stop production at 0:00 on August 16.

4. In order to support the revival of Liuyang firecracker industry, all firecracker production enterprises and production lines will not be affected by enterprise classification this year, and they can all be produced until 0:00 on August 1.