German Fireworks Are Getting More And More Shocking, And China’s Enthusiasm For Fireworks Is Waning.

- Jul 25, 2018-

When talking about fireworks, the Chinese said that they would be familiar with it. When you search for fireworks online, you will find a strange phenomenon. On the search engine, search for fireworks, the words "most strict", "restricted discharge", or the illegal manufacture and sale of fireworks, and search for "German fireworks"?

Searching for "German fireworks", you will be surprised to find that "too shocked, fireworks made in Germany", "German fireworks, the moment of blasting is amazing", "The most beautiful and expensive German fireworks in the world is so beautiful... This exquisite word is endless.

Every year on New Year's Day, it is the only event in modern China and the world that can fire fireworks in the same day. Today, China’s enthusiasm for fireworks on New Year’s Eve is slowly waning.

Talking about the reasons, it is not unrelated to people paying attention to environmental protection and paying attention to safety. In relatively developed Germany, fireworks production is in full swing, and the sales of a company exceeds 10 million euros. However, this China’s self-righteous invention, the happiest thing for many people in childhood, has become something of yesterday.

Nowadays, in China, every year, in the streets, there is no way to see children gather together to play outdoors, but more to stay at home, play mobile games, play online games... Why do German fireworks come The more shocking, perhaps this is one of the reasons.

Pictures of Germany fireworks factory.