Hong Kong Will Hold Lunar New Year Fireworks Show, Fire 23,888 Display Shells To Welcome The Year Of The Pig

- Jan 22, 2019-

Hong Kong will hold Lunar New Year fireworks show, fire 23,888 display shells to welcome the Year of the Pig

The Hong Kong official announced on the 21st that the Lunar New Year fireworks display will be held on February 6 at 8 o'clock on the second day of the Lunar New Year. At that time, 23,888 display shells will be fired, which lasted about 23 minutes.

This year's New Year fireworks display is divided into 8 scenes, each of which has its own characteristics, namely, Happy Year, Pig Year, Success, Wang When I Love in Love, "Climbing the Peak", "Tuan Tuan Yuan" and "Putian Celebration".
In order to welcome the Lunar New Year, the fireworks pattern will adopt a series of designs with elements of the New Year, such as the “Golden Ingot” symbolizing the richness of resources and the “8” of the good sign.
In conjunction with the advent of the Year of the Pig, the second act of "The Year of the Pig" features a special "pig nose" pattern fireworks with the theme music of the local anime "McDull".

Mao Weicheng, the person in charge of the fireworks production company, explained in an interview that the "pig nose" pattern was chosen because this part is the most representative of the pig, and its outline is relatively simple. The pattern can be clearly seen after the fireworks burst. Together with the theme music of "McDull", the whole fireworks display is more vivid and lively.
Shortly after the Lunar New Year, it was Western Valentine's Day. The fourth act of the fireworks display also adds a romantic element, creating a romantic atmosphere through various "sparkling waterfalls" and "changing balls". Mao Weicheng said that this scene is 4 minutes long. "There is enough time to bomb the couple in love."


This year's Spring Fireworks Display is co-ordinated by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government and supported by the Shimao Group and the Hong Kong Friendship Association.
At the press conference held on the 21st, Xu Rongmao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shimao Group, said in response to a reporter's question that the budget for the fireworks display was 10 million Hong Kong dollars. He also pointed out that the New Year Fireworks Display is a grand event that Hong Kong citizens and visitors to Hong Kong are eagerly awaiting. I look forward to celebrating the New Year with all walks of life on this festive day.