How Do People In Various Countries Set Off Fireworks During The Festival?

- Jun 17, 2019-

Fireworks are also popular in foreign countries. In foreign countries, in addition to clearly specifying the time and specific standards for fireworks and firecrackers, some countries have also introduced fireworks that can be eaten.

1.United Kingdom---Launch multi-sensory fireworks

In the United Kingdom on the New Year's Day of 2014, the "Multi-sensory Fireworks" was launched. In addition to the edible banana-flavored confetti, there were peach-flavored artificial snow and orange-flavored bubbles falling with the wind. When the red fireworks rises, the air is filled with the taste of cherries and strawberries. In the UK supermarkets, there are “color paper” sales similar to fireworks. Like a cannon, the meeting has a squirt of colored paper, which is similar to the effect of fireworks. In fact, it is called table bomb.


2. United States---Present ID card at the time of fireworks purchase 

It is not easy to set off fireworks in the United States because the United States sets the price of fireworks and firecrackers high. The most common small firecrackers, 500 bangs sold for $10 in the United States. The procedure for purchasing fireworks is also quite complicated: first, you must present your personal ID card, and you must fill out a form with a lot of personal information, including name, gender, age, home address, number of types of fireworks purchased, etc. The long fireworks use the operating instructions; after reading, the buyer needs to sign, this is the so-called disclaimer. The United States is mainly based on fireworks, and there are fewer firecrackers.


3. Singapore---Private is not allowed to set off firecrackers

In Singapore, private individuals are not allowed to buy or sell firecrackers. In certain periods such as the New Year and National Day, government agencies or social groups can coordinate and organize the fireworks and firecrackers. When a social organization applies for the preparation of a discharge activity, it must first submit an application to the police. The main contents include the reason, time and place. The review usually takes two weeks. After the deliberation, the police will also send appropriate police forces to the scene to maintain law and order. After being discharged, it is necessary to assume responsibility and obligation in all aspects such as safety and security, sanitation and so on. In order to prevent fires, some also need to rent a fire truck.

4. Australia---Set off Firecrackers need to declare

Ms. Chengdu, who has lived in Sydney for more than 20 years, said that there are places where fireworks are fixed, such as Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour. Chinese New Year's Eve also heard the sound of firecrackers in Australia, but this firecracker should be released by special groups after special declarations at special locations.

5. Denmark---Buy fireworks with protective glasses

Danish netizen "Mimi hopes for summer" said that Denmark can fire fireworks in the New Year, but the fireworks will be sold with protective glasses. It is recommended that everyone wear them when they fire fireworks.

6. France---Government regulations for the ban period

The locals do not have the awareness of fireworks. However, every year on the French National Day, the Eiffel Tower will have a fireworks show.

7. Germany---Sold during New Year's Day

In Germany, personal fireworks are only available during New Year's Day, the last day of December and January 1 of each year. Shops generally sell fireworks and firecrackers from 3 days before New Year's Day, such as December 28, and have not sold them for the rest of the year.