Hunan, China Implements The Most Stringent High-temperature Re-production Safety Supervision For Fireworks And Firecrackers Factories

- Aug 27, 2018-


With the heat subsided, the peak season of production and sales came, the fireworks and firecrackers enterprises ushered in the resumption of production after the high temperature stop production. On August 23, the Hunan Provincial Administration of Work Safety held a meeting of the county safety supervision directors of fireworks and firecrackers production areas, specializing in the deployment of high-temperature resumption of production, requiring the implementation of the most stringent rehabilitation and resumption of production and acceptance, and enterprises that fail to meet the safety conditions are not allowed to resume production.


From January to July this year, there were 3 fire safety accidents and 2 deaths in the province. The number of accidents decreased by 8 and the number of deaths decreased by 18, and no major accidents occurred. However, violations of regulations by fireworks and firecrackers are still relatively common. The phenomenon of illegal production and management is still very rampant, resulting in a superposition of various safety risks during the peak season of production and sales. In addition, the stability of the situation in the first half of the year is likely to prolong the slack of sluggishness. It is expected that the safety situation of fireworks and firecrackers will be in the latter stage of this year. It will be more severe and complicated, and the pressure of accident prevention and control will increase.

Meeting request:

It is necessary to take precautionary measures against the occurrence of deaths and eliminate major accidents as the core task, main line of work and ultimate goal of fire safety and firecracker safety supervision in the later stage of this year, and adopt the "most strict" regulatory measures:

Implementation of the most stringent high temperature recovery inspection. Careful organization, scientific arrangement, strict standards, compacting the main responsibility of enterprises, county and township supervision responsibilities, and checking and checking the safety conditions of resuming and resuming production, and failing to resume work after failing to meet the prescribed conditions, and implementing "who accepts and signs, who signs ,Who is responsible".

Promote the most stringent regulatory enforcement. Continue to deepen the "strong law enforcement and anti-accident" action, with the county as the main body to carry out full coverage of law enforcement inspections of production enterprises within the jurisdiction, the province and the city continue to organize double random law enforcement, key law enforcement, cross law enforcement, carry out subcontracting, "three super "Change", mechanical equipment management, legal enterprises to participate in illegal production of special law enforcement, increase the intensity of suspension of production and business rectification, permit punishment, personal punishment.

Carry out the most stringent non-special action. Continue to strengthen the "joint fight, grid management, key focus, source chase, mass prevention" non-working mechanism, adhere to illegal production, illegal management, and fight together, attach great importance to the lawful enterprises to participate in illegal production and management, always keep the fight High pressure situation.

The director of the county safety supervision department of the fireworks and firecracker production area should estimate the situation more severely, estimate the problem more complicatedly, and estimate the difficulty more. Focus on prevention and control accidents, strengthen leadership, forward command, practice, compact responsibility, and serious discipline. Strictly ask questions, and achieve "one voice, one strength, one set of measures, one standard", and harden the hardships and ensure that the safety production situation of fireworks and firecrackers in the province is stable and good.