If The Fireworks And Firecrackers In Hunan Province Cannot Prove The Legal Source, They Will Be Confiscated According To Law

- Jan 15, 2019-

If the fireworks and firecrackers in Hunan Province cannot prove the legal source, they will be confiscated according to law

Yesterday (January 14th), the Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Transportation and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued a notice to strengthen the safety supervision of fireworks and firecrackers throughout the province during the Spring Festival and the “two sessions”. The fireworks and firecrackers of the channels shall be confiscated according to the illegal fireworks and firecrackers and organized and destroyed by the public security department.
According to the notice requirements, during the Spring Festival and the “two sessions” this year, all levels of safety supervision (emergency) departments of our province will actively coordinate the scientific planning of relevant departments, rationally arrange retail outlets for fireworks and firecrackers, and unblock legal fireworks and firecrackers circulation channels to ensure the matching of fireworks and firecrackers. Fully occupy the market. At the same time, the safety supervision (emergency) and public security departments will increase supervision and inspection of the implementation of the flow registration system for fireworks and firecrackers production and management enterprises, and investigate and deal with fireworks and firecracker production and wholesale enterprises that fail to establish and implement the flow registration system according to regulations; It is not possible to prove that the fireworks and firecrackers of the legal source channels are confiscated according to the illegal fireworks and firecrackers and organized by the public security department for destruction.
Public security and transportation departments at all levels will further strengthen the examination and approval of fireworks and firecracker road transportation licenses, strengthen the supervision of carriers, transport vehicles, drivers and escorts, and strictly prohibit non-dangerous cargo transport vehicles and carriers that do not have relevant qualifications (qualifications). Units, drivers, and escorts are engaged in the transportation of fireworks and firecrackers, and resolutely crack down on unlicensed transportation and illegal transportation. If it is found that it does not comply with the mandatory national standard products, it shall trace the relevant enterprises and personnel involved in the production and operation of various links; impose penalties on product quality and safety production violations; and constitute criminal offences such as the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior commodities, and investigate the criminal according to law. responsibility.