Japanese Display Shells Fireworks Experts Came To Liuyang To Give Lessons

- Nov 12, 2018-

Japanese display shells fireworks experts came to Liuyang to give lessons

On the morning of October 17, the first training session of the“Boutique Display Shells Project” was launched. The event was hosted by Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Association and Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Technical Association. Xinnian, Qingcao, Shanzao and Yuanxiang 4 fireworks factories's technicians attend the training.

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In order to build industrial superiority projects, build core competitiveness of products, and improve the quality and artistic effect of fireworks display products, this year, Liuyang launched the ceremony of the fireworks display shells and signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese company Fanghe Firework. Extensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of raw and auxiliary materials, production management, talent cultivation and product innovation.

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(In the Japanese fireworks factory, workers are making fireworks display shells)

As an important part of the display shells boutique program, this time, Liuyang invited the Japanese Fanghe display shells production experts to teach classes and communicate face-to-face with corporate technicians. The training will last for 3 days, and the craftsmanship, production process and practical operation will be strengthened.