Latest News From The Dutch Fireworks Market

- Dec 21, 2018-

1. Key words: rocket launcher

According to the Dutch local gelderlander website:

New Year in 2019, the Netherlands stipulates that the rocket must carry a tested launcher. This year is the first mandatory requirement. If there is no launcher, the seller cannot sell the rocket. The Netherlands has ordered 250,000 sets in China this year. There were only 10,000 sets in previous years.


Pictures from gelderlander

The Dutch Human Environment and Transportation Inspectorate (ILT) adopted these standards, and ILT said that during the rocket launch, it is easy to dump in the wind.

This will bring major problems to the fireworks sales of Dutch fireworks suppliers: their 7% turnover comes from the rocket.


Pictures from gelderlander

2. Keywords: Dutch people like fireworks and do not like fireworks, the latest survey


Below: Pink represents the opposition to the fireworks ban;


Men opposed the ban, and 72% liked to ignite their own fireworks.

Most women (58%) favor the conversion of consumer fireworks to fireworks displays.