Liuyang, China October Fireworks Show

- Sep 12, 2018-

On October 2nd, Liuyang Fireworks Exhibition and the 8th China (Liuyang) International Musical Fireworks Competition will be held at Liuyang Fireworks. By inviting the world's top fireworks display team to compete on the spot, Liuyang's outstanding products show the same effect, realize the "face-to-face" exchange of the world's top fireworks ideas and technology, and comprehensive display of Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers products, let the public share a world-class fireworks display.


100,000 display shells will be fired at the same time, digital fireworks will light up Liuyang River

At the ignition ceremony that night, the contest logo "LFC" will open the curtain of the Liuyang Fireworks Festival in the form of huge subtitle fireworks. The large smiley face of the 3D special effect column echoes the small smiley face on the ground. The "Hometown of Fireworks" will be used alone. There are ways to welcome guests from all walks of life. In order to make the visual impact of the audience stronger, the fireworks creative design will be perfectly matched from the product selection, color, shape and angle. In particular, the selection of the fireworks will be more colorful and varied.

In addition, as the characteristic business card of Changsha, the “world media art capital”, the digital fireworks, the characteristic form of media art and the new proposition of the creative industry, will be unveiled at the Liuyang Fireworks Festival. By integrating creative stories, live music, digital technology, and laser art with precise multimedia, digital fireworks will bring an unprecedented visual experience to the audience.


The top four hegemony staged the fireworks industry "World Cup"

On the evening of October 2nd, four foreign top fireworks display teams selected from around the world will use the sky as a curtain to launch a fireworks display of creative design competition and compete for the king of the strongest fireworks.

Italy's Parente Fireworks Group has the largest and most complete production plant in Italy. The UK MLE Pyrotechnics Limited Fireworks Company specializes in the choreography of laser shows. The Portuguese Marseido Fireworks Display Company is an 84-year-old European famous family fireworks company, Sweden. GoteborgsFyrverkeriFabrik AB Fireworks is the largest fireworks company in Northern Europe.


The team has a strong lineup and a bright record. The creative design of this competition is rooted in the country's regional characteristics and folk customs. In addition, the two performance teams from Liuyang in the evening were also long-term battlefields. Hunan Huahuo Opera Troupe Co., Ltd. is the first art group in China to perform with the theme of fireworks special effects. It has participated in the planning and implementation of large-scale event fireworks in Beijing APEC and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, and helped the SCO summit in 2018. Liuyang Yindali Fireworks Display Co., Ltd. participated in the 2018 New York New Year Music Fireworks Gala and the 2018 Dalian Xinghai Bay Large Fireworks Show. As the world's largest fireworks and firecracker production base, Liuyang will interpret the new products, new technologies, new achievements and new directions of Liuyang Fireworks in recent years.