Liuyang City Export Fireworks And Firecrackers Inspector Training Course Was Successfully Held

- Jul 24, 2018-

According to the relevant requirements of the General Administration of Customs, the Liuyang City Fireworks and Firecrackers General Export Branch will use the weekends for two days to conduct free training for the inspectors of 428 export fireworks and firecrackers in the city from July 21st to 22nd.


Before the training, a brief opening ceremony was held, hosted by Wen Guanghui, secretary general of the Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Export Branch. Chen Zaihui, director of Xingsha Customs Liuyang Office, attended the meeting and gave lectures in person, emphasizing that enterprises must strictly abide by safety and quality regulations, strictly follow standard production, operate according to law, be honest and trustworthy, and do a good job in product quality. Liu Xiangquan, deputy secretary and deputy director of Liuyang Firecracker Fireworks Management Bureau, expressed his sincere hope to the fireworks inspection work of the city. Enterprises should keep the red line of safety quality and ensure the healthy development of fireworks and firecrackers in the city.


This training specially invited senior business experts from the Liuyang office area of Xingsha Customs and legal experts of Zhongbang Public Welfare Legal Service Center to teach you. Five training lecturers focused on exporting fireworks and firecrackers with quality safety, laws and regulations, and major fireworks and firecrackers standards at home and abroad. Six aspects of the identification and inspection process of dangerous goods packaging, related knowledge of customs inspection and declaration, etc. were systematically explained, and questions were raised for the problems encountered by enterprise personnel.

After the training, a qualification exam was organized. Some export fireworks and firecrackers in Changde production area also participated in the training.


Zhang Mingfu, secretary-general of the Liuyang City Fireworks and Firecrackers Association, and Luo Songhui, director of the Public Welfare Legal Service Center of Liuyang City, attended the opening ceremony of the training class.