Liuyang City Firecracker Fireworks Administration 2019 Work Ideas

- Dec 07, 2018-

Liuyang City Firecracker Fireworks Administration 2019 work ideas

In 2019, the bureau will closely follow the theme of “Quality Improvement and Efficiency Year”, and build a “fireworks and firecracker industry chain, fireworks machinery and raw and auxiliary materials industry chain” as the starting point to promote the “Ten Plan” of the pilot project. Focus on the four aspects of planning advancement, talent support, innovation drive, and cultural breakthrough, promote industrial development concept innovation, cultural innovation and product upgrading, and strive to achieve a total output value of 26.3 billion yuan in the fireworks and firecracker industry cluster.

1. Optimize the industrial development pattern

Formulate medium- and long-term development plans for the industry, clarify the direction of industrial structure adjustment, and provide action guidelines for production and operation of enterprises.

Strive for national, provincial and municipal policy support, maintain the stability and continuity of this level of policy, and optimize the industrial development policy environment. Adhere to support and support, support large-scale advantageous enterprises and high-quality specialized enterprises to give priority to development, and enhance industrial intensification and modernization. We will implement the strategy of “expanding exports and stabilizing domestic sales”, increase the policy inclination of export production enterprises, formulate support policies for export operation companies, guide enterprises to change production and management concepts, and encourage production enterprises to cooperate with dealers to achieve interaction between production and sales and mutual benefit.

2. promote industrial management improvement

Improve the enterprise classification management method, incorporate the operating company into the category management, and improve the standardized management of the business links.

Realize the digital management of the industry, build an industrial big data platform, and realize the full coverage of the industrial chain from raw material procurement to product production, operation, transportation and storage, and comprehensively and dynamically grasp the development of the industry. Introduce professional management consulting institutions and professional managers to guide enterprises to establish a modern enterprise system and improve the level of business management. Actively promote entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, build an entrepreneurial exchange learning platform, plan the promotion of fireworks artisans, and build excellent management and inheritance teams.

3. increase the innovation of fireworks culture

Carefully run the 14th China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Festival, innovate the content and form of communication, and enhance the influence of regional brands.

Carefully organize the two major fireworks culture promotion activities of the Orange Island Fireworks and Liuyang Fireworks Global, and polish the Hunan Culture Card. Vigorously develop the creative (digital) fireworks industry, carry out the fireworks cultural innovation series training, cultivate fireworks cultural talents, upgrade fireworks display equipment, cultivate creative (digital) fireworks demonstration enterprises, and actively explore the domestic and international fireworks market. With the opportunity of the "70th Anniversary of National Day", we will actively expand the domestic large-scale celebration fireworks market, build a professional team of market public relations and creative design, and promote the recovery of the domestic fireworks market. Increase the traditional culture of fireworks, revitalize small fireworks products, increase the support for enterprises and products selected for the protection of traditional small products, create a small product demonstration experience factory, and promote the integration of fireworks culture and tourism culture.

4. accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing

Accelerate the implementation of the "Intelligent Manufacturing Framework Agreement" for fireworks and firecrackers, build an intelligent production demonstration plant as soon as possible, realize the commissioning of the firecracker insertion and loading production line project, and complete the pilot test of intelligent combination fireworks machinery and equipment.

Bring into play the guiding role of the fireworks machinery R&D center, highlight the independent innovation capability of the enterprise, focus on speeding up the research and application of the key chemical-related machinery and fireworks machinery automation equipment of the fireworks, improve the level of "human-machine separation, human-medicine separation", and enhance the dangerous process in the whole industry. Mechanical use rate. Accelerate the development of fireworks machinery standards and improve the safety level of machinery production.

5. promote the upgrade of fireworks products

Increase the standard of publicity, and strictly investigate non-standard and excessive standards.

Strengthen the quality supervision of raw materials for fireworks, guide the establishment of a public price announcement mechanism, expand the scope and frequency of raw material sampling, and improve the quality control of product quality. Innovate the form of counterfeiting rights protection and expand the coverage of counterfeiting rights protection. Actively create a national-level demonstration zone for consumer goods (fireworks and firecrackers), consolidate the achievements of the provincial-level export fireworks and firecracker quality and safety demonstration zone, and create a regional high-quality land. We will promote the implementation of the fine-selling project of the fireworks and bombs, and build a demonstration factory for the fireworks display to promote the quality of the city's fireworks products. We will carry out the exhibition of famous and special products to create a good atmosphere for product innovation. Strengthen the integration of industry and people in the industry, strengthen key technology exchanges and cooperation, and promote product optimization and upgrading.

6. crack the industrial development problem

Focusing on the contradiction between supply and demand of development factors of fireworks enterprises, optimizing the procedures for handling the relevant procedures of land, forestry and environmental protection of enterprises, and guiding enterprises to develop health in accordance with the law.

We will promote the implementation of the project of Yinqi Caiyuan, improve the project cooperation mode, and effectively solve the problem of financing difficulties and financing. Fully crack the puzzle of the fireworks export channel, actively promote the opening of the China-European class fireworks transportation business, and apply for a safety assessment of the car-testing. Strengthen the docking with enterprises with investment intentions, and strive to attract investment projects from the dangerous goods warehouses, storage bases and logistics railway ports of Menghua Railway as soon as possible.