Liuyang City's Toy Fireworks Products Industry Standardization Work Progressed Smoothly

- Aug 29, 2018-


In order to strengthen the industry self-discipline, standardize and formulate toy fireworks industry standards, improve the quality of toy fireworks, better create the overall brand image of Liuyang toy fireworks, and promote the continuous innovation and development of the toy fireworks industry, the formulation of Liuyang Toy Fireworks Standards was officially launched at the end of June. It is progressing smoothly.

"The standard-setting work has been led by the competent authorities, and various relevant departments and industry associations have also given a lot of support." Wang Xianfeng, president of the Toy Fireworks Branch of the Municipal Fireworks and Firecrackers Association, told reporters that the six standard-setting working groups were established. Under the leadership of experts, the company has carried out classified guidance and the company actively cooperated. At present, the investigation of the quality parameters of six major categories of products such as spit beads, rockets, friction, rotating, incense, and spray has been completed.

According to the “2016-2020 Development Plan of Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Industrial Cluster”, Liuyang Fireworks Industry has defined the development path of “transforming quality to cultural and creative industries”. From high-volume expansion to high-quality development, safety, quality and culture are the three trump cards that Liuyang Fireworks display.

Following the investigation of Liuyang Fireworks traditional toy fireworks at the end of 2017 and the directional work, the 2018 revitalization of toy fireworks was gradually implemented: a selection of traditional products manufacturers and protection products were selected to better enjoy safe production. The preferential conditions for the introduction of a package of support and incentive policies. This time, Liuyang City started the development of toy fireworks industry standards, which is of great significance.

Huang Yongyou, head of the regulation department of the Liuyang City Fireworks Bureau, believes that the standard setting is to set the scale and carry out legal production within its scope according to the requirements of quality and safety. The purpose of standard setting is to prevent low quality, low price, and excessive price, but also to prevent market monopoly. “In the big environment, only by standardization to regulate production, innovation can develop better.”

It is reported that in the next stage, the expert group for the development of toy fireworks standards in Liuyang City will once again go deep into the enterprise check and collect relevant data to sort out the more scientific standards. It is planned to conduct relevant discussions before October, and strive to produce the first draft at the end of November, and invite relevant experts to conduct the review.