Liuyang Financial Institutions Help Fireworks Industry

- Jun 07, 2018-

On June 1st, at the 2018 China (Liuyang) International Fireworks and Firecrackers Fair, the trade fair sub-activities “Financial Supermarket - Firework Industry Chain Gold Enterprise Matchmaking Meeting” was held. Liuyang Rural Commercial Bank, Changsha Bank Liuyang Branch, and Bank of Communications Liuyang The branch granted 3 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan, and 300 million yuan to the fireworks and firecracker industry chain companies in Liuyang City. This is also one of the six series of activities in the second financial service season in Liuyang City.


The second financial service season was co-hosted by Liuyang Financial Office and the People's Bank of China Liuyang Sub-branch. With the theme of “harmonious finance, happiness Liuyang”, the financial supermarket-gold matchmaking conference, financial salon and knowledge of preventing illegal fund-raising will be held. Q & A, Finance into the community, financial consumer satisfaction survey, financial industry selection and other six major activities. The activity will continue from now to July, and some activities will be held throughout the year.

“The three banks have granted a total of 4.8 billion credits to the industrial chain companies, which greatly boosted the confidence of fireworks companies.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Liuyang Financial Office, from January to April of this year, financial institutions in Liuyang City have been the fireworks industry. Related companies on the chain have borrowed more than 4.2 billion yuan.