Liuyang Fireworks Are Lighting In The New Year's Eve All Over The World

- Mar 27, 2018-

December 31 of each year, there will hold a grand performance for the coming of New Year around the world. Among numerous celebrations activities, fireworks display is absolutely a must retention programs.On New Year's eve, liuyang fireworks are once again going to the whole country and all over the world, adding a happy atmosphere to this festival.

Liuyang flower cannons support Taipei 101 over the year.

As the drawing near of New Year's day, liuyang, general manager of creative petard troupe Huang Cheng into one of the busiest time of the year, his team will set off all over the country more than New Year fireworks, one of the world famous Taipei 101 New Year fireworks are by the petard theater.

Last year, the Taipei 101 fireworks show, the first of its kind to work with Taipei 101, was the first of its kind with a combination of floodlights and fireworks.Last year's stunning performance, which led to the company's return this year, continues to be responsible for the design and setting of the Taipei 101 fireworks display.

With the successful experience of last year, this year petard troupe to the design of the Taipei 101 New Year fireworks choreography easier, "our cooperation with the local director, agreed this setting off very early 'happiness is the theme of the common good'."Huang said, in order to fully mix the local cultural characteristics, to better reflect the theme, petard troupe original the background music, fireworks setting off, into the Taiwan aboriginal songs and pop music elements, etc.

At the same time, there are new ideas for the display effect of fireworks, combining fireworks with large LED electronic screens. The display screen of the electronic screen is synchronized with music, and fireworks and electronic screens are interlaced with more visual effects.

Most of all, huang is happy that more than 80% of the products used in the Taipei 101 fireworks display are Chinese products, "in the past they mainly used European and Taiwanese products."Huang cheng believes that this change indicates that the fireworks in liuyang are competitive in the process of going out, whether the product or technology or creativity.

A special effect fireworks display at the Venetian Macao.

In Macao, the petard troupe also got market recognition, and across the university they will be at the Venetian hotel build a building special effects fireworks, this will be the 2017 game 4 fireworks set off by the petard troupes in macau.

"We're going to add special effects and fireworks to the fireworks."Mr. Huang said the fireworks had three burning points, including the Paris tower and water surface of the Venetian hotel and the macau parisians, and a New Year of revelry for local tourists.

In addition to the accident, huang became more concerned about the influence of liuyang fireworks."The four fireworks we set off in Macao this year are a gradual recognition process."Huang Lin, from the beginning only need petard troupe technician to assist, to start using their team and product, to the last New Year fireworks directly sign a contract, this process is also in liuyang fireworks setting off the process of recognition in the market.

"Liuyang's art fireworks, not lack of products, technology, equipment and creativity, the lack of promotion of their platform and opportunities."Huang said, therefore, every discharge should take out the highest level, let others see liuyang fireworks.

The macau New Year fireworks products, from previous products using the United States, fujian to begin using the product, but also because firecrackers during the festival, Huang Cheng invited partners in the macau watch, "they have a look at the feeling is very good indeed, agreed to the use of liuyang fireworks products."And liuyang art fireworks should be recognized in the whole country and the world market, to win the word of mouth is a long-term persistence, continuous efforts.

Dalian first staged a sea fireworks show.

This New Year, Dali fireworks liuyang silver co., LTD in dalian show the charm of art of liuyang fireworks, to a broad audience, according to qiu-ming zhang, general manager of the team will be here to build a world-class New Year fireworks.

"From the London eye of the Thames in London to the burj khalifa in dubai to the Sydney bridge, there are famous fireworks across the world."Cho chang, these New Year fireworks not only to express wishes for the New Year, send a joy to the audience, the more local has brought high attention and a large number of tourists, therefore, this time they hope to build a world class New Year fireworks in dalian new landmark.

The fireworks will be XingHaiWan in dalian bay bridge (China's first sea anchor cable bridge) above, setting off scale and technical difficulties are far more than any other New Year fireworks, in addition to arranged on the sea for a km fireworks scene, will also show exclusive technology to fireworks show double color directional words "I?The words "DALIAN" and the "big footprint" of the world-class Olympic Games will also be displayed at high altitude.

These innovative technologies, exquisite craftsmanship, will not only bring the beautiful visual enjoyment to the audience, but also show the strength of liuyang art fireworks.In changsha, nanjing, hainan and other places, there are many fireworks and fireworks, which are made by liuyang fireworks. With these activities, liuyang art fireworks will be used to move to a broader market.

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Famous across the world, fireworks explode across the year.

Sydney two rounds of fireworks to welcome the New Year.

Sydney, Australia is the world's one of the earliest to enter the New Year, the global broadcast live across New Year celebration fireworks celebration in Sydney is one of the world's largest New Year's celebration, each year attracts millions of travelers in Sydney harbor to participate in the celebration, more than billion global audiences watching the live on TV.According to statistics, the annual fireworks display in Sydney can bring more than 130 million Australian dollars of tourism revenue every year.

In 2018, the annual celebration fireworks will be completed in more than 5,000 hours by the general director fortuato foti and his family team, foti international fireworks company.The fireworks show was performed in two rounds, and the family fireworks show, which began at 21:00, lasted eight minutes and was smaller, mainly for children.At midnight, as the clock strikes, a 12-minute fireworks display starts from the Sydney harbour bridge, the Sydney opera house and the harbor 7 barge.

New Year's fireworks display in 36 squares in Moscow.

New Year fireworks will be set off in 36 squares in 12 districts of Moscow in 2018, the Moscow government and the mayor's official website said.

News said that "at midnight on January 1, FuShouShan victory park in Moscow and Moscow walter column, card above the street will be the first shimmering flowers, colorful bouquet of flowers, such as other square festival will end at 1 am setting off fireworks.The city's cultural bureau has prepared a festival show.All New Year's fireworks will be set off from 36 squares throughout the city.Hundreds of thousands of fireworks will be in the air.The festival fireworks show can be seen in 12 districts of the city.

The news also said that waiting for the citizens will be an extraordinary fireworks display, the sky will be the cash line flowers, the glittering peony flowers and chrysanthemums and so on.

London's bbc360-degree panoramic live fireworks.

London is preparing for New Year's celebrations every December, and the London fireworks show, one of the biggest New Year celebrations in the world, is the highlight of the year.

London's annual fireworks display, which has been freely available to the public for many years, began selling tickets for control in 2014, but remains popular and hard to find.In 2017, according to statistics, there are 100000 viewers to watch fireworks on the river Thames - BBC introduced a 360 - degree panorama broadcast for the first time, this year's London New Year fireworks tickets have begun to make a reservation.

Dubai's most extravagant annual fireworks show.

Dubai held a grand New Year fireworks show every year, 2014 is the most famous across the fireworks of the eve of the internal combustion in 6 minutes 479651 fireworks, this was the largest fireworks is written into the guinness book of world records.

Fireworks will continue to be staged in dubai this year, and spectators will be able to watch the big fireworks show at three locations.Fireworks will be set off from iconic buildings such as the BurjKhalifa, the BurjAlArab and PalmJumeirah.