Liuyang Fireworks Enterprise Won The Runner-up Of The Canadian Musical Fireworks Competition

- Jul 12, 2018-

At the Timmins International Music Fireworks Competition held from June 24th to July 1st in Canada, the Liuyang Celebration Fireworks represented China and won the runner-up. The competition was held in Timmins, the tourist city of Ontario, Canada. This tourist city has formed a tourism brand of "Music Festival + Fireworks + National Day", attracting tourists from all over the world to camp every summer.

champion fireworks.jpg

The theme of the celebration fireworks and fireworks display is "Meet Hunan." In the 19-minute period, with the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter as the main line, through the continuous transformation of the main colors of green, red, gold and white, the high, medium and low-altitude fireworks are intertwined to reproduce the humanistic beauty and Hunan spirit. The display shells used in this fire have adopted micro-smoke and environmental protection products.

champion fireworks1.jpg

According to the comprehensive evaluation of four standards of product, music, music and fireworks display, and the audience response, the celebration fireworks manufacturing company won the second place, and the Finnish team won the championship. The Canadian media reported on the fireworks competition. On the eve of the game, local Chinese heard that there were Chinese fireworks to participate in the competition. Many people made a special trip to buy tickets.

Liuyang fireworks frequently appeared in international fireworks competitions and important celebrations, fully demonstrating the technical and artistic nature of Liuyang fireworks. Liuyang fireworks are better going abroad and going to the world.

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