Liuyang Fireworks: The Variety Of Crafts Continues To Break

- Aug 01, 2018-

The production of Liuyang fireworks uses traditional handicraft techniques, using local paper, soil nitrate, sulfur, charcoal, red and white clay as raw materials for processing. There are 12 processes and 72 processes in total. With the development of modern science and technology, practitioners have developed high-tech new products such as smokeless fireworks, cold fireworks, sun fireworks, indoor and stage fireworks, which have been safe, reliable and pollution-free, and have reached the world's leading level. The fireworks can also be changed from the traditional manual ignition to the remote ignition, and the discharge program is all controlled by the computer.

Liuyang fireworks have a wide variety of varieties. According to the discharge effect, there are mainly 13 categories: spray, rotary, rotary lift, rocket, spit, small fireworks, smoke, modeling toys, combination fireworks, and incense. Friction guns, fireworks, etc.; concrete can be divided into cold fireworks, fireworks, potted flowers, Roman candlelight, rockets, electro-optical flowers, stage fireworks, cold fireworks, instant fireworks, torch fireworks, toy fireworks, firecrackers, stage fountains, shelves More than 3,000 fireworks, daylight fireworks, etc.; in addition, large-scale fireworks produced by Liuyang are mainly produced for large-scale fireworks evenings. The main types include "Fireworks Subtitle", "Fireworks", "Pot Flower", "Rocket", "Big Fire Wheel" and "Fireworks on the Shelf". There are dozens to hundreds of categories and specifications every year.

Cold fireworks (also known as cold fireworks, cold fireworks), non-toxic and tasteless, low ignition point, even hand-touchable when burning, is the most popular fireworks products nowadays, such fireworks in various festive wedding parties, celebrations, stage performances, fireworks Popular at the party, it is a beautiful and practical festive etiquette. Toy fireworks are based on their color, sound, movement and smoke, and are praised by foreign companies as "sound and color". For example, "family music" is loved by people for its unique combination of sound and color. It can be described as a Liuyang fireworks, which is swaying and resounding.