Liuyang Fireworks Will Be Manufactured By Intelligent Robots

- May 23, 2018-

Liuyang fireworks will be achieved by the intelligent robot manufacturing,the first fireworks intelligent manufacturing line will be born in Liuyang

On May 22, the Liuyang Municipal Government signed Xinhuan Robot Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hengshuo Shunan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly sign the "Explosion Proof Robot and Fireworks Firecracker Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Framework Cooperation Agreement.

On May 22nd, in the empty production line, the robot arm swiveled and the robot crawler moved quickly and accurately. The intelligent workshop adjusted the temperature and humidity in real time... This is the daily scene of the Liuyang fireworks production workshop. Yesterday, the Liuyang Municipal Government signed a cooperation agreement with Xinsong Robotic Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hengshuo Shuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly develop the framework for intelligent manufacturing of explosion-proof robots and fireworks and industrial firecrackers. This means that the first similar smart manufacturing line will soon be born in Liuyang.


Li Chunqiu, member of the Standing Committee of the Changsha City Party Committee and Liuyang Municipal Committee said that this successful signing was a milestone event in the history of Liuyang fireworks, marking the transition of Liuyang fireworks from mechanized and automated production to smart manufacturing. He hoped that the three parties will further intensify their cooperation and strive to bear fruit as soon as possible to boost the development of Liuyang fireworks.

As the world's largest production and trade base for fireworks and firecrackers, Liuyang fireworks domestic sales accounted for half of the country's share, exports accounted for 60% of the country's total. In order to continuously consolidate the global leading position of Liuyang Fireworks and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, Liuyang continuously guides enterprises to take the road of specialization, automation, and group development, and build a safe and environment-friendly industry.


At present, in order to thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of fireworks and firecrackers, “mechanization reduction, robot operation, and automatic substitution”, Liuyang continues to increase investment in R&D, develops technical problems, and establishes the Liuyang City Fireworks and Firecrackers Industrial Mechanization Service Center to set up firework machinery research and development. The Application Awards will be organized for fireworks and machinery exhibitions and “trade fairs” to promote the development of fireworks and mechanization from technical guidance, fund awards, and platform construction. The city also launched a three-year campaign for the intelligent manufacture of fireworks and firecrackers, focusing on the promotion of fully automated production lines and key pharmaceutical-related machinery, and comprehensively enhancing the intelligent manufacturing of Liuyang fireworks. At present, Liuyang fireworks production enterprises have achieved mechanized production in varying degrees. The average mechanical utilization rate of production processes has reached 70%. Firecracker production has been fully mechanized. The two manufacturing companies Eastcom and Huaguan were included in the national “Mechanized Substitution, Robot Operation, and Automation Reduction” pilot demonstration enterprise. The third-generation combined firework fully automated production line independently researched and developed by Zhongzhou Fireworks Group has achieved complete separation of man-machine and human medicine, and the production capacity has been increased by 4 times. The annual production value of a single production line has reached 200 million yuan.


It is understood that this time, Liuyang signed a framework agreement with Xinsong Robot and Beijing Hengshuo Panan to further promote the deep integration of the fireworks industry and modern technology, and to promote the interaction between smart manufacturing and fireworks.

Xinsong Robot is affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a high-tech listed company that focuses on robotic technology and is dedicated to all-intelligent products and services. It is the top 10 core enterprise in the Chinese robotics industry and the most comprehensive manufacturer of robotics in the world. Beijing Hengshuo Junan is a cooperative company of Xinsong robots, and it is a high-tech automation R&D, promotion, operation and sales company.

As a leader in the smart high-end equipment manufacturing industry, Xinsong Robot and Beijing Hengshuo Junan will join forces with Liuyang, the world’s fireworks capital, to cooperate in the fields of fireworks and firecrackers industry development, robot research, and intelligent manufacturing services, relying on high-tech industrial development zones and Fireworks Industry Base has gradually established the “Public Fireworks Firecracker Robot R&D and Innovation Public Service Platform and Production Center” in Liuyang City, namely “One Center and Four Centers”, to make Liuyang the world’s most advanced fireworks intelligent equipment production base and security intelligence. Fireworks production base. Among them, the “one house” includes the joint research institute of explosion-proof robots (sparkling firecrackers and smart manufacturing); the “four centers” refer to the fireworks and firecrackers industrial development research center, the big data center of fireworks and firecrackers industry, the explosion-proof robot and the production and service center of fireworks and firecrackers, and fireworks. Firecrackers fully automated production center.


"Fireworkers can't reach wherever our robots can reach; fireworks workers can do bad things and our robots can be made." President of Xinsong Robot Investment Co., Ltd., Chairman of Beijing Hengshuo Shuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Hao Zhangang Said that Xinsong Robot and Beijing Hengshuo Junan will join hands with the Liuyang City Government to promote the security revolution and efficiency revolution of the fireworks industry.

On the same day, Hao Zhangang paid a visit to Liuyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Liuyang Dongxin Fireworks Group Co., Ltd. and Golden Beach Fireworks Factory. Beijing Hengshuo Panan also signed the "Framework Cooperation Agreement for Fireworks and Firecrackers Intelligent Production Demonstration Plant" with Liuyang Dongxin Fireworks Group Co., Ltd. and Jintan Fireworks Factory. It will use technology and intelligent combination of fireworks machinery equipment to support the two companies to create intelligent fireworks and firecrackers. Production demonstration factory.

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