Liuyang Safety Supervision Office Received A Report Late At Night, Immediately Attacked And Seized Illegal Fireworks

- Feb 26, 2019-

Liuyang Safety Supervision Office received a report late at night, immediately attacked and seized illegal fireworks

Late at night on the 24th

The Lotus Street Office received reports from the public:

Some people have stored a large number of illegally produced fireworks "pili star" in a warehouse, which poses a major security risk. An emergency investigation began in the middle of the night.


The reported warehouse was located behind a private house. When we arrived, the warehouse's external gate was closed, but the private door was open. Shi Liming, director of the Lotus Street Office, said that after entering the warehouse through the houses, they found a large number of cartons stacked in the corner of the warehouse, but there was no one in the houses and warehouses.

Law enforcement officers opened the box and found that each carton was filled with "pili star" with the name "seven wolves". After the inventory, a total of 116 "pili star", "big pop pop" woven bags, and 20 kilograms of suspected drug production were seized. Law enforcement officers immediately transferred and sealed these illegal explosives and disposed of them properly to eliminate potential safety hazards.


Pili star is highly dangerous and is highly prone to explosion during transportation and handling, so it is banned by the state. Shi Liming said that according to the investigation and investigation of the scene, the warehouse has been suspected of illegally storing explosives. At present, the police have officially intervened in the investigation and will investigate the source of illegal goods and related responsible persons.