Macau Will Host The 29th International Fireworks Display Contest

- Jul 28, 2018-

The Macau Government Tourist Office announced at the press conference held on the 23rd that the "29th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest" hosted by the Bureau will be held on September 1, 8, 15, 24 and October 1. On the sea near the Macau Tower, 10 teams will bring a large-scale fireworks show.


It is understood that this is the International Fireworks Display Contest held again in Macau two years later. This year's 10 teams came from mainland China, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Italy. On the match day, from 5 pm to 11 pm, a "Fire Tree Silver Flower Carnival" event featuring stage performances, food and games will be held next to the Macau Tower.

The Secretary for Tourism of the Macao SAR Government, Wen Yuhua, said that the Macau International Fireworks Display Contest has developed into a stage for the top teams in the country to compete in the strength of fireworks, and that Macau has shinen among many destinations. The time of the fireworks display is a good day for Macao citizens to gather together, and it is also a good time for visitors from all over the world to meet Macau.

During the event, Macao citizens can also participate in the Macau International Fireworks Display Contest Photo Competition, Song Creation Competition, Student Painting Competition and Trophy Design Competition to share their feelings about the fireworks display.