Market Competitiveness Is The Second Vitality Of The Fireworks Industry

- Jul 23, 2018-

Market competitiveness is the second vitality of the fireworks industry

With the advent of the era of large-scale industrial production of the fireworks industry, mechanized production has become the main theme of fireworks production. The original art of handicrafts has gradually evolved into an industrialized product. The original manual price cost and industrial production cost have formed a huge difference. The degree of standardization is getting higher and higher, and production is getting easier. As an element of success in production, production has quietly given the main position to sales.

In the future, the fireworks and firecracker industry decides that winning or losing is no longer a production capacity, but a market competitiveness. Whoever has a bigger market is the winner.

Therefore, improving the market competitiveness of production enterprises has become an urgent issue for the industry.

1. lead the market

Close to the market to catch production. The first is the market segment. It is necessary to conduct grid analysis and management of the whole country and even the market, find out the characteristics, requirements, and marketing varieties of sales in each grid, organize the invitation to produce the corresponding varieties of manufacturers, intensive production, scale dumping, and absolute occupation of the market, seeking Scale benefits and profits; second, lead consumption. Dare to eat crabs. The white weddings and rituals in the northeast and north China generally do not use fireworks and firecrackers. As a fireworks production area, a new folk interpretation and new white varieties can be used to lead the funeral and sacrifice of the northern funeral and rituals. The third is to transform the market. In the densely populated large and medium-sized cities, the varieties of sound and smoke are replaced by light colors, and the realistic demand for noise reduction and smoke reduction is met by the consumer audience. At the same time, the problem of fireworks and firecrackers entering the supermarket shelves is solved, leading to market consumption; . Since ancient objects are rare, occupying the market should control the right to sell. Whether it is controlling shares, buying sales companies, contracting companies or controlling product supply, it is an effective means of controlling the market. The so-called market making should start with long-term strategy. From the subtle point of finding the right entrance, at least should also negotiate with other suppliers to control supply; fifth is to refine the market. In fact, it is necessary to learn the best choices and decisively eliminate the market. For individual or a few unsatisfactory markets, it is necessary to decisively eliminate or withdraw, which is conducive to the formation of the seller's market. As a result, some sales companies are reluctant to give up good brands and in turn comply with the demand for price increase and demand of production companies; In view of the problems that some markets can't improve sales and the difficulty of returning goods, they should be decisive and clear. Because of the policy, they can adopt the methods of transforming the market, changing prices, transferring packaging, and transferring sales models, and even introducing other products. The joint supply of its marketable products manufacturers to enhance their sales. If the domestic market has a foundation, it can be transferred to international sales. If the export market has a foundation, it can also open up the domestic market. In the ordinary product market, it can open up a characteristic market.

2. brand building

The fireworks industry is not without brands, but with large brands and well-known brands. Most of the brands are only influential in certain provinces and cities. They have not cultivated big brands at home or abroad, and are currently influential brands in several provinces or cities. Not many hundred, but the brand effect is not obvious. The first is brand cultivation. Encourage companies to apply for and register brands, encourage design and planning companies to carry out brand planning, carry out brand design, planning competitions and selection. Focus on brand protection and nourishment; second, brand promotion. Using the domestic media network to promote the brand, the annual use of ancestors, forums, fireworks expo, trade fairs and other forms to promote the fireworks brand; third is brand rights. At present, the situation of brand being abused by foreign and even local enterprises has occurred from time to time, but the road to corporate rights protection is very difficult, and the follow-up propaganda after fraudulent use is not in place; the fourth is the protection of origin. The protection measures of origin have not played a role, and some brands have been registered privately, and they cannot play the economic and social benefits of protecting trademarks of origin;

3. quality assurance

Quality is the life of the product, and the quality of the fireworks in the future must be the main backbone of the market. First, it is safe and reliable. Drug safety, good lead, stable color effect, high response rate, good packaging, safe discharge, high rate of shredded paper, etc., constitute a safe and reliable main factor of the product; second, environmental protection is harmless. Noise reduction, dust reduction, and smoke reduction are inevitably the trend requirements of future products. To achieve these points, the market can be broadened; third, the products are stable. Quality is not only the production of qualified products in a certain period, but a series of details from the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials, process control, safety control, quality inspection, production process, storage compliance, transportation guarantee, and warning reminder. The management has reached a high level, and the results of the joint efforts of employees and management personnel, the safety of the current discharge, especially the final realization of product quality, can not be relaxed and sloppy; fourth is production safety. Whether it is drug selection, mechanization, process reform, and construction engineering standards are the first steps to ensure production safety, production safety, production of safe products and environmentally friendly products, it is possible to occupy a larger market.

4. technology support

Technology is the primary productive force, and technology is also the necessary way for the fireworks industry. Nowadays, the scientific and technological components of fireworks products are constantly improving, especially the technological production tools, and the fireworks machinery is constantly pushing new. At present, the firecracker integrated machine, the charging machine, the injection machine, the lead dryer, the brightener dryer, the inner cylinder charging machine and the like are constantly emerging, and the mechanization degree greatly improves the safety and efficiency. The first is to encourage innovation. Whether it is production process or production variety, light color effect, shape design and even packaging and printing, there is a lot of room for innovation; the second is to encourage research and development. At present, the policy, technology, talents and financial support for R&D are relatively lacking. It is necessary to strengthen R&D support from the long-term goal; the third is to support the promotion of technology and innovation. If R&D is to become productive, it must be promoted. The use of integrated machines is too slow. The rewards of the charging machines are too much, the effects are not obvious, and the progress of turning into productivity and turning into economic and social benefits is limited. The fourth is to rely on technology. Relying on science and technology to transform the entire industry, from raw materials to production, from warehousing to logistics, from installation to discharge, we must continuously instill scientific and technological factors to make all links more scientific, safe, environmentally friendly and effective. For example, logistics, we must continuously introduce modern technology into logistics, from loading cabinets to road monitoring, satellite positioning to logistics information release, category classification monitoring, all of which can be integrated with technology, promote logistics smooth, and other links are supported by technology to reduce costs. To improve efficiency and expand the market.

5. reduce costs

The cost competition is actually the competition of the market. The cost is the competitiveness. The cost reduction is to enhance the competitiveness. The first is to reduce the taxes and fees. At present, Liuyang is all tax-included. The tax standards of Wanzhan, Fuling, Yizhang, Linyi, Fuzhou, Qixian, Weinan, Pucheng and Hepu are different; therefore, it is necessary to form a tax balance in the country. In addition to taxes, it is necessary to strictly control the costs of enterprises in various departments. The second is to avoid taxation. The taxation will inevitably lower the tax rate, and the other party will be able to sell at a lower price in the market with less tax, which will reduce their competitiveness. It can be said that the introduction of 10 million tax in foreign counties and cities has reduced at least 50 million tax revenues. The third is to reduce the cost of land. The cost of land for enterprises is currently the highest. In the fourth round of upgrading, some mountains have been raised to the price, and the government should harmonize land price standards. Fourth, vigorously promote advanced machinery, mechanized large-scale production is the future trend of the fireworks industry, which can save land, wages, improve efficiency, reduce waste, reduce accidents, and greatly reduce costs overall. Compared with the current one, it can be equivalent to the manual benefits of the original six people, reducing material waste by 2%, and the benefits are considerable. The fifth is group production and sales. Groupization can promote specialized production, intensive management, large-scale sales, reduce and reduce the cost of market access, product transportation and other aspects, and at the same time increase the scale of profits.

6. create standards

Firecrackers are the advantage of Shangli, but there is no standard for firecrackers, and the country does not have the standard for this product. In the long run, whoever sets the standards will have a say in the market. Liuyang has now begun to raise fireworks production standards to industry standards. Shang Li and Wan Zai are fully qualified and qualified to develop their own firecracker standards, and the standard is gradually improved to provincial and national standards. The first is the specification standard. Do a good job in the classification standard of firecracker products, and propose a classification standard; second, develop a drug standard. According to various specifications, the drug dosage standard is proposed; the third is the packaging standard. The packaging classification and packaging material standards are proposed to constrain all types of printing and packaging; the fourth is to formulate process standards. Formulate the process of firecracker production, curing and other standards; Fifth, develop transportation standards; Sixth, formulate emission standards; Seventh, develop standards for other production tools such as machinery; According to the actual standards of mechanized production, as long as we first set the standards and continue to improve and promote, the national standards of firecrackers must be based on this standard to solve the problem of firecrackers in the standardization construction.

7. financial support

At present, an important reason for the lack of competitiveness of many producing areas in the market is not product quality, but financial support. Enterprises in Liuyang and other places may not need to withdraw funds from the other party for half a year to one year due to financial support. However, Shangli and Wanzhan enterprises may require one or two vehicles to remit money. In this case, the sales company that originally lacked funds must choose other supply companies. First, the introduction of financial institutions, state-owned banks have limited lending, and can continue to introduce private banks and other banks of other nature to participate in corporate lending, thereby introducing competition, changing financing is the state of capital; second, reducing the administration of financing for some townships and other units. Intervention; Third, the government should implement honesty and punishment and responsibility for enterprises that are not repaying debts. For unscrupulous enterprises, they can avoid the luck of enterprises and increase the integrity of propaganda from the aspects of controlling licenses, checking taxes, and not appraising. Punish the act of dishonesty; the fourth is to open up financing channels to encourage social funds to enter the fireworks industry, but to prevent the entry of usury, we must monitor the illegal behavior of private lending in a timely manner. Funding is a bottleneck in the development of the fireworks industry. This bottleneck is not resolved and it is difficult for the industry to form a leap.

8. expand channels

The monopoly of sales is a feature of the fireworks industry, but it is also a product of the planned economy. The sales pattern of the fireworks industry is basically the original sales channel, but the current fireworks chain operation has become a new channel for fireworks management. This is an extension of "Internet +". First, it is necessary to ensure that the network of traditional sales and operation forms of fireworks plays a relatively large role. The second is to break the traditional sales model in the traditional sales, otherwise the production companies will no longer be willing to supply. For example, most of the operating companies in Liaoning have this difficulty, and the supply companies have not satisfied the general mode of such consignment. Third, enterprises must not only expand domestic sales channels, but also actively expand foreign sales channels. The fourth is to break the monopoly business sales. At present, many provinces have liberalized their policies, allowing a number of companies to participate in the sales of one place and gradually cancel the monopoly. The fifth is to actively develop Internet operations. Online negotiation, offline trading, full delivery. Sixth, the production enterprises gradually divested production and sales, and separated the sales companies from the production enterprises, or set up large group companies to integrate production and sales, but the sales have become independent business departments or companies, focusing on their respective division of labor. The seventh is to transform the main body of the market. At present, fireworks and firecrackers are the seller's market. To become a seller's market, manufacturers must gradually grasp the market, guide the market, and control the market. This requires manufacturers to upgrade their own quality, direction, quality, brand and price, and establish themselves. Sales channels and networks.

9. Cultural construction

Future industrial competition must be cultural competition. The fireworks itself is a cultural product. How to improve the competitiveness of this cultural product cannot wait and see. One is to plan ahead. Formulate the development plan of the fireworks culture industry; second, integrate the current fireworks culture elements. "Fireworks Technology and Market", the only magazine in the country with a formal issue, is uniquely endowed by itself. It is a cultural product itself, and it needs to be strengthened and strengthened. Including various types of fireworks public, fireworks website, webpages, online forums, and various cultural media companies, cultural bases, printing and packaging design and planning enterprises must carry out resource integration and utilization; the third is to explore cultural and creative talents. Create cultural and creative products, integrate culture into fireworks and fireworks products; Fourth, hold fireworks culture festival or forum activities. Each year, an ancestral ceremonial event and a fireworks fair or exposition can be held. It is possible to conduct market-oriented operations, vigorously promote and promote the fireworks brand, and enhance the influence of fireworks. The fifth is to dig deep into the fireworks culture tradition and use Li Wei and various cultural film and television works. The city card, street business card and tourist business card for creating fireworks culture; the sixth is to combine the fireworks culture and tourism products to create a fireworks display program, and to use fireworks as a unique business card for tourism. Seven is to prevent the occurrence of consumer faults. The younger generation has no feelings about the fireworks. Their spiritual needs can often be met in electronic products. Therefore, it is necessary to develop fireworks products that are combined with electronic information products, and can be used as animation products in the form of animation.

10. Policy support

The fireworks industry cannot leave policy support at any time. If the policy is good, it will develop health. If the policy is not good, it may destroy the traditional industries of the millennium. First, to maintain policy continuity, good policies must be fixed in the form of regulations, not to "lead one character at a time", eliminate unsuitable policies and propose feasible policies in development; second, formulate mechanisms to maintain industrial development. To develop a plan, it is necessary to formulate a mechanism for implementing the plan. Formulate the implementation mechanism for the development of the fireworks industry. The planners follow the government's implementation on a case-by-case basis, and the government pays for the implementation of the fund; the third is to maintain safety and development, not to focus on safety and development, and to clarify the purpose of safety is development, investment in development. And the strength should be fully guaranteed in the annual budget, and long-term adherence to the construction of the development fund to ensure that there is money to do things; Fourth, to strengthen the confidence of enterprise development. In recent years, some business owners have lost confidence in the development of fireworks due to the influence of the market and policies. Therefore, the transfer of funds to other industries, the fireworks enterprises have let it stagnate, and some business owners have transferred their children to other industries or Simply no longer inherit the fireworks industry, there is a phenomenon of lack of success. These will directly affect the external competitiveness of the industry. Therefore, the government can not find funds for enterprises, not find the market, and not reduce the cost, but once the policy is not given, it will affect the foundation of the development of the enterprise and affect the vitality of the company's external expansion; the fifth is to establish a communication mechanism between the government and enterprises, the Chamber of Commerce is unable to become Bridges, enterprises will feel that the channels of appeal are not smooth, and some enterprises say that fireworks companies can not enjoy the "county people" should have preferential treatment, and the "foreign monk" treatment is very different, the Chamber of Commerce is unable to coordinate some major issues, and sometimes even unwilling In the government, the company is not interested in the company, and the company feels that everything has lost its dependence and is quite complaining. Sixth, the government intervenes in the development of environmental protection for enterprises, and intensifies the efforts to undermine the corporate environment and damage the environmental interests of enterprises, and ensure that the environmental factors such as land for enterprise development are in good order. Therefore, the government should keep abreast of the dynamics of the company, not only study the policies, but also promptly resolve the sorrows of the enterprises. Therefore, it is inevitable to establish a communication channel between government and enterprises, to hold regular meetings or visits, and to study the problems of the fireworks industry in response to the market.

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