Not Afraid Of Damp, Reliable Quality

- Feb 06, 2018-

Candles in accordance with the shape can generally be divided into extruded cylindrical wax, sharp bamboo wax, torch wax, Piao wax, round wax, flat wax, there are many colors. These candles in the use of some more stress, such as sharp bamboo wax, suitable for dinner inserted in the candlestick, placed in the middle of the table, especially in Western common, if the home decoration is European style, you can also be placed in the living room as Decorations. Drift wax is common in bars, pouring water in a container vessel, floating wax on the water, it floats on the water, do not have a mood under the dark candlelight. Waxing wax in the young people to use more at home, especially between couples, candlelight dinner can not only use spirel wax, Waxing waxes will bring good results.

In addition, the same kind of candle is also divided into many sizes, such as extruded cylindrical wax has four sizes: 8 × 25 cm, 8 × 20 cm, 7 × 15 cm, 7 × 10 cm.

After special treatment

Candles, in some emergency boxes, also have emergency lights, but most Japanese emergency boxes place candles. This is because specially treated candles are not afraid of dampness, reliable quality, in addition to lighting can also act as a fire and determine the oxygen content. This specially treated candle burns continuously for about 4 hours, longer than most emergency lights can provide.