Notice Of The Office Of The State Council Security Committee On Strengthening The Mechanization Automation Work Of Fireworks And Firecrackers Production To Enhance The Intrinsic Safety Level

- Aug 09, 2018-

Provincial Safety Production Committee:

In recent years, various regions have actively promoted the mechanization automation of fireworks and firecrackers production. Various types of production machinery and equipment have been widely used, the degree of automation has been significantly improved, intelligent equipment has emerged, and advanced technologies such as military and civilian explosions have gradually integrated, and the intrinsic safety level has been greatly improved. It has effectively promoted the steady improvement of the safety production situation of fireworks and firecrackers nationwide. However, the current level of mechanized automation of fireworks and firecrackers production is still not high, and advanced mechanical equipment has not yet been fully applied. The safety issues in the development and application of mechanical equipment cannot be ignored, and the safety level of enterprise safety management and practitioners cannot be simultaneously improved. In order to further promote the mechanization automation of fireworks and firecrackers production, comprehensively improve the intrinsic safety and safety management level, accelerate the transformation, upgrading and safe development of the fireworks and firecrackers industry, and fully protect the lives and property of the people, the following requirements are proposed:

First, vigorously support the research and development of fireworks and firecrackers production machinery and equipment

The local security committees at the fireworks and firecracker production areas should actively strive for the organization and leadership of the people's government at the same level for the mechanization of fireworks and firecrackers, coordinate the functional departments at the same level, and promote the people's government at the same level to combine the strategy of science and technology, the development strategy of military and civilian integration, and innovation. Drive the development strategy and other policies, guide, encourage and support state-owned capital and private capital to invest in the research and development of fireworks and firecrackers production machinery and equipment, especially automated machinery and equipment, and promote high-tech and military explosives and civilian explosive equipment such as artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing. Such mature technologies are deeply integrated in the mechanized automation research and development of fireworks and firecrackers, and comprehensively improve the scientific and technological content and intrinsic safety level of fireworks and firecracker production machinery and equipment.

Second, strive to improve the automation level of fireworks and firecrackers production machinery and equipment

The fireworks and firecracker production machinery and equipment research and development unit should scientifically use advanced technologies such as automatic control, safety interlock, emergency parking, video surveillance, intelligent warning, robot, etc. to realize safety functions such as abnormal warning, fault parking, interlock control, etc. Personnel banned and environmental drug dust, temperature, humidity, etc. are monitored to effectively prevent potential safety hazards such as over-rate, overload, and super-capacity production, and effectively replace and reduce dangerous personnel in fireworks and firecrackers production. The chemical-related mechanical equipment is organized by experts with relevant qualifications to conduct safety demonstrations, and to establish strict enterprise safety standards and detailed safety operation instructions. Chemical machinery and equipment that are not subject to safety arguments or have serious defects and safety hazards through safety arguments, and that do not have corporate safety standards and safe operating instructions, shall not be put into use in fireworks and firecracker production enterprises.

Third, actively promote the promotion and application of advanced machinery and equipment for fireworks and firecrackers production

The local security committees at the fireworks and firecracker production areas should actively invite the people's government at the same level to study and adopt measures such as policy support and fund awards, and provide support awards to fireworks and firecracker manufacturers that introduce mechanical equipment with high degree of automation and intrinsic safety. Guided the promotion of the production of mechanical equipment, automation equipment and safety technology for fireworks and firecrackers with advanced application technology and mature technology, to achieve the requirements of "mechanized substitution, automation and reduction of people", and to reduce on-site operators of dangerous positions. The Emergency Management Department will work with relevant departments of the State Council to formulate a catalogue for the elimination of outdated process technology and equipment and the promotion of advanced safety technology equipment.

Fourth, strengthen the research and development and application safety management of fireworks and firecrackers production machinery and equipment

The R&D unit of fireworks and firecracker production machinery and equipment should comprehensively analyze the safety risks during the test process during the test of the drug-related mechanical equipment, and carefully formulate the test plan and emergency plan; if the new process and new technology are adopted, the expert should be organized to test the true drug test plan. Conduct safety demonstrations, and inform the local county-level safety supervision department before the test; the real medicine test should be carried out in a place with safe production conditions, and the operators should have the corresponding professional knowledge and skills to strictly control the on-site personnel and dosage. Fireworks and firecracker manufacturers introduce new chemical-related machinery and equipment, resulting in changes in technological conditions and production scale. The overall layout, process, hazardous work (library), safety protection barrier, fire protection, lightning protection, anti-static, etc. The facility shall be evaluated for safety and upgraded; the enterprise-related upgrading and reconstruction project shall be entrusted to the organization with corresponding qualifications for design, and shall undergo design review and completion acceptance according to law. Local safety supervision departments at all levels shall strengthen the safety supervision of mechanical equipment and mechanized chemical rebuilding projects in accordance with the law, encourage the construction of special chemical and mechanical equipment R&D test bases in the main fireworks and firecrackers, and strictly review the design and safety of the mechanized automation reconstruction projects. Production license review.

V. Enhance the level of mechanized automation safety management of fireworks and firecrackers

Fireworks and firecracker production enterprises must conscientiously formulate and strictly implement safety production rules and regulations and operational procedures that are compatible with mechanized automated production, strengthen safety training for relevant personnel, and configure management personnel with matching qualifications and mechanized automation equipment. Technicians, operators and maintenance personnel are certified to work. It is necessary to regularly check mechanical equipment, supporting facilities, electrical circuits and their operating environment, regularly check relevant safety equipment and facilities, and dispose of abnormal conditions in time. Before testing, overhaul, maintenance and transformation of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, it is necessary to formulate a special operation plan to report to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise for approval, cut off the power supply, stop the relevant production activities, transfer finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials, remove residual drugs and dust, and strictly Control the number of on-site personnel. It is strictly forbidden to carry out inspection and maintenance work during the period of taking the medicine and running the machinery, and it is strictly forbidden for the unrelated personnel to enter the inspection and maintenance work site. The R&D and manufacturing units of the equipment shall do a good job in the after-sales service such as installation and commissioning, technical guidance, maintenance and repair of the sold machinery and equipment, assist the fireworks and firecracker production enterprises to improve safety management measures and train relevant operators. Safety supervision departments at all levels should strengthen daily supervision and inspection, urge enterprises to effectively implement the main responsibility of production safety, strengthen process safety control, effectively prevent accidents, and ensure the safety of workers and property and social stability.

State Council Security Committee Office

July 30, 2018