Overseas Fireworks And Firecracker Sales And Management Enlightenment

- Jun 05, 2018-

On the morning of June 2nd, the 332th theme exchange of fireworks and firecrackers was held at the International Fireworks Trade City in Dayao Town, Liuyang.



In China, with the introduction of the policy of restricting fireworks and firecrackers in some areas, we have gradually lost confidence in fireworks. How do you stand looking at fireworks from the perspective of fairness? Many of our crafts and materials for domestic fireworks products are basically the same as those for Chinese exports, but why do the same products sell well abroad, but what is the situation in China?


In Europe and the United States, some fireworks products can be sold in supermarkets as ordinary products as long as they meet relevant standards. What advanced fireworks sales and management experience in Europe and the United States are worth learning from and learning from? In the morning of June 2, 2018, guests from home and abroad were invited to discuss the issue.


1. The largest fireworks importer in Canada, President of Mystical Distributing Company, and Rod Cameron, president of the Canadian Fireworks Association, talked about some of the retail sales of fireworks at Canadian supermarkets.

He said that when formulating these regulations, the first factor to consider is to ensure that people have time to safely leave the store in the event of a fire. The first task is to ensure the safety of life. At the same time, he believes that the most important issues to consider when formulating regulations for the sale of consumer fireworks in supermarkets are:

(1) Focus on the protection of lead wires so as to prevent accidental ignition and greatly reduce the risk of fire.

(2) The use of containers that comply with the TDG regulations may be the most important factor to consider. Using packages that comply with the TDG regulations can reduce shopper risk. In the fireworks store, all customers know it's dangerous and various risks, but when it is sold in the supermarket, most customers will buy other things besides the fireworks. There is probably no danger and risk of fireworks. Consciousness therefore requires extra security measures.


2. Iban Fernandez from Madrid, Spain believes that the regulatory system is important.

He said: The lack of a regulatory system seems to be convenient, but the government will lack the ability to monitor the market. There is no relevant security awareness in the market area and it may lead to security incidents. The law not only regulates the duties and obligations of fireworks personnel and consumers, but also improves government supervision. A country that does not have fireworks or firecracker laws does not have a government that has responsibility and supervision over the law.


3. Fireworks expert, National Labor Model, Provincial People’s Congress representative, Yan Songhua, Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Technology Association, analyzed and listed some excellent export factories and fireworks products, and emphasized the need to make every effort to ensure product quality to meet customer requirements. .

Mr. Wu Dakun, the founder of Daidala Toy Fireworks, shared the theme of “Development Opportunity and Innovation of Toy Fireworks” and expounded the opportunities and innovation space in the field of toy fireworks.

Tao Yang, general manager of Liuyang City Wansheng Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. stood in the factory's perspective and analyzed the importance of encouraging innovation and strengthening intellectual property protection. He said: The awareness of the domestic market at this point is relatively weak, the cost of rights protection is high, and the cost of infringement is low. However, this situation will be accompanied by a gradual improvement in the soundness of the national legal system.

4. Dr. Rheinland Dr. Rheinland shared the supervision of fireworks products by European government agencies.

If the produced fireworks are inspected and do not meet the requirements of the EU Fireworks Directive and Standards, they will be ordered off the shelf, banned from sale, or even confiscated and destroyed. This responsibility is for the company to bear its own. He said: The EU government's supervision is divided into two situations: First, the government conducts spot checks. Each pre-season government agency will send people to fireworks warehouses or sales outlets. According to their respective regulations, they will collect a certain number of fireworks to check and check fireworks. The content on the label detects the safety performance of the fireworks. The second is a consumer or company report and the government conducts an investigation. Reflecting the European government's supervision of fireworks and firecrackers from the side is very much in place, not just a fine.

5. Another guest, Mr. Wu Xinhua, general manager of Meige International Co., Ltd., introduced the management and supervision of the US fireworks market. The United States is one of the largest importers of Chinese fireworks and firecrackers. The 50 states of the United States have enacted relevant laws to set off fireworks and firecrackers. The huge fireworks market in the United States has not seen the occurrence of many major fireworks accidents or the risk of losing control. It is basically a controlled, steady development of the government. How does the United States manage and supervise fireworks?

They mainly control the safety, transportation and use of fireworks through the following three procedures.

(1) EX number approval procedure. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) is the regulatory agency for the transport of dangerous goods within the United States. DOT shall identify and number the dangerous goods including fireworks products. It is the EX number. To enter the US explosives, including fireworks, must be classified and approved by DOT. The corresponding EX number must be obtained before the fireworks display.

(2) Pre-shipment inspection procedures. Any fireworks products exported to the United States must be tested and passed by a third-party professional testing agency. At present, the most widely used is the American Fireworks Standard Institute (abbreviated as the American Institute of Standards and Technology), which carries out preshipment inspections of fireworks and firecrackers in the production areas of Chinese fireworks and firecrackers, and the necessary inspection costs are borne by importers.

(3) CPSC import spot checks and market spot checks. The US Consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) has developed a very stringent test method for fireworks and firecrackers, covering packaging, labeling, drug dosage, lead wire, mounting, pedestal, and discharge.


The above guests brought us wonderful sharing from the angles of market, government supervision, technical quality, standards, and transportation, and also provided many useful inspirations for strengthening domestic market supervision and consumption guidance of fireworks and firecrackers. The healthy growth of the fireworks industry depends on sound laws and government supervision. It also depends on self-discipline in our industry. Find problems from our industry and constantly improve our deficiencies. Only in this way can the fireworks and fireworks industry gradually move toward greater prosperity.