Performance Determines The History Of Firecrackers Revolution

- Feb 06, 2018-

Firecrackers are the permanent consumer disposable consumer goods on the market. Fireworks are set off in our country for a long time. All ethnic groups and regions have their own marriage, funeral, marriage, marriage, children's birth and house relocation The practice of setting off firecrackers is particularly concentrated during the holidays, but the traditional firecrackers production process is complex, slow, high cost, especially the danger of dispensing, often causing harm and seriously restricting its production and development. The firecrackers distributors and manufacturers have long Look forward to a new type of safe firecrackers appeared, "safe fireworks," the performance of the decision of the revolution in the history of firecrackers, it also doomed it will have a huge consumer market.

As long as mastered the raw material formula and production process, according to the characteristics of the local traditional firecrackers, into a variety of shapes, a variety of colors, so that consumers have a wide range of choices, completely changed the traditional single-shaped firecrackers shape mode.