Pingxiang Customs | Efficiently Supervise The Export Of 42 Containers Of Fireworks And Firecrackers

- Mar 26, 2020-

On March 16th, a batch of full-load export firework and firecracker containers was successively driven out from Pingxiang Huayang International Logistics Co., Ltd., and will be transferred to the Shanghai port and sent to the other side of the ocean. This is the first batch of fireworks and firecrackers exported by Pingxiang Customs under the control of Nanchang Customs since the resumption of production. It has a total of 42 containers with a value of 1.942 million US dollars.


(Pingxiang Customs officers supervise the export of fireworks and firecrackers)

As an important production area of fireworks in China, Pingxiang fireworks is exported to 86 countries and regions such as the United States, the European Union, and Southeast Asia. The annual export value exceeds 300 million US dollars, ranking the forefront of the country. The export of fireworks has become a very local export-oriented pillar industries.


March was originally the peak season for the export of fireworks and firecrackers. Due to the COVID-19, it became more difficult for logistics companies to book shipping. How to ship the stranded goods in a timely manner, avoid the risk of trade default, and maintain the overseas market share has become the biggest problem facing the current fireworks and firecracker production enterprises.

After learning about the company's demands, Pingxiang Customs responded quickly and guided the company to make various preparations as soon as possible, and coordinated arrangements for customs officers to use the weekend time to work overtime to supervise the loading of goods to ensure that the batch of goods was quickly inspected and released smoothly.