Release Simple, Small Environmental Pollution

- Feb 06, 2018-

There are many varieties of fireworks. According to the discharge effect, there are 13 major categories: Penhua, Rotating, Rotating Lifter, Rocket, Tuzhu, Small Fireworks, Smog, Modeling Toys, Combination Fireworks, Fireworks, flash fireworks, flash fireworks, torch fireworks, toy fireworks, firecrackers, stage fountains, shelves Fireworks, fireworks and other Japanese more than 3,000; In addition, chinapower firework toy fireworks, mainly for the United States, Britain, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, every year dozens to hundreds of categories, specifications. One toy fireworks is its color, sound, sports and smoke modeling to win, foreign reputation as "loud and clear" good fireworks. Such as "Family Fun" on its unique sound and color combinations by people's favorite, can be described as Liuyang fireworks, vertical and horizontal ride, resounded Quartet.

Relatively large fireworks shell, toy fireworks is still relatively safe

2. Easy to operate, the general toy fireworks are adults and children can be used, the simplest as long as fell on the ground, commonly known as.

3 small size, small capacity, easy to store.

A wide variety, varied (according to changes in market preferences, for example)

5 discharge simple, small environmental pollution, more suitable for small activities.