Selling Fireworks To Raise Funds Is A Very Good Way

- Dec 07, 2018-

There are two types of fireworks retail outlets in the United States: one is permanent, the site is solid, the facilities are perfect, and it is convenient for long-term business; the other is temporary, you can set up a booth on the side of the road, or set up a tent in the grass park. . The former is generally strong, and the company of the upper scale operates. The latter can be sold as long as it is registered in your state and allowed to be sold. (Different states have different policies, some states require operators to purchase debt insurance, and some states require Take part in the fireworks test, etc.) There is a force that cannot be ignored. In the United States, there are many non-governmental organizations, some of which are of a public nature. They use the peak season of the Independence Day to sell fireworks.

1. American Veterans Association, selling fireworks, raising funds to support local boy scouts, etc.

Veterans with their fireworks tent sales point



Local fireworks policy:

1) under 16 years old, can not buy and fireworks, unless accompanied by an adult;

2) discharge time: July 3, 4, 5 every day from 12 noon to 11 pm;

3) Fireworks cannot be placed on roads, streets, sidewalks, etc.;

4) Fireworks cannot be fired within 600 feet (about 200 meters) from churches, schools, and hospitals;

2. Anamososa, Iowa, USA: Sales of Fireworks Support School (from KCRG TV9)