Shangli County, Jiangxi Province, China Severely Punish Fireworks Enterprises Which Don't Stop Production During High Temperature Holidays

- Jul 09, 2018-

Punishment notice to two fireworks factory of Shangli County who don't execute the stop production instruction during high temperature holiday


In order to fully implement the relevant requirements on the implementation of the classification and suspension system for fireworks and firecrackers in the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Safety Production of Fireworks and Firecrackers during High Temperature, our town has sealed up the powder line of fireworks and firecrackers in the area, and established Special inspection team to increase inspections. On the evening of June 30, the staff of Shangli Town Security Committee found that Shangli County Jiepaishan Fuse Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shangli County Longlin Export Fireworks Factory (Fuse branch factory) did not execute the production stop order, tear the seal and arbitrarily organize production. The behavior was very bad. The leaders of the party committee and government of Shangli Town attached great importance to it. In order to ensure the discipline of safety supervision, the implementation of the safety supervision orders at all levels was in place. After the collective discussion of the town security committee, it was decided to deal with the violations of the two enterprises as follows:

1.The responsible persons of the two enterprises shall be immediately transferred to the public security organ and imposed an 10 days' Criminal detention;


2. According to the law, the two enterprises shall be given an economic penalty of RMB 200,000 respectively;

3. according to the law, the two enterprises were ordered to suspend production for business indefinitely;

4. The two companies are temporarily detained with their safety production licenses;

5. The scores of the two companies' percentage points are deducted by 100 points and the points are returned to zero.

It is hoped that the fireworks and firecrackers enterprises in the town will take the lead, strictly implement the safety supervision directives at all levels, earnestly implement the requirements for high-temperature production suspension documents, promote the implementation of corporate responsibility, and overcome the paralysis and luck. I will strengthen the supervision of fireworks and firecrackers, strictly enforce the law, increase the penalties for violations of laws and regulations during the high-temperature production stoppage of enterprises, and do not tolerate the implementation of security incidents to ensure the safety of the whole town.

Shangli Town Safety Production Committee

July 3, 2018