Six Fireworks Factories In Liuyang, China Were Ordered To Suspend Production And Rectify

- Sep 13, 2018-

By 5 pm yesterday, Liuyang City had approved a total of 353 fireworks and firecrackers factories to recover production from high temperature holiday , including 48 black powders factories and 16 fuse factories.


It is worth noting that this year's resumption production inspection after high-temperature holiday is the "most strict" in history!

In order to effectively carry out the safety production work of the current fireworks and firecrackers industry, from September 7 to September 20, the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau carried out special supervision actions on the resumption of production of fireworks and firecrackers factories.


The seven inspection teams were led by relevant leaders to conduct random inspections of enterprises that have approved the resumption of fireworks and firecrackers.

Judging from the current situation of supervision, the overall situation of the city's approved fireworks and firecrackers for resuming production is good, but there are still problems such as the lack of strict control of the townships and towns and the serious violations of the production process.

The inspection found that Liuyang Jingang Chuanfa Fireworks Factory, Liuyang Xinxiang Fireworks Production Co., Ltd., Liuyang Jinzhuang Fireworks and Firecracker Factory, Liuyang Nanchuanhe Firecracker Factory and Liuyang Jinwang Fireworks and Firecracker Factory respectively have the following problems:

1. Recover production files are missing;

2. The electrical circuit of the workshop is not standardized;

3. The remaining waste drugs in the sedimentation tank and the ditch have not been cleaned up;

4. Safety training is not in place;

5. The signage of the workshop does not match the design;

6, temporary overcrowding, super drug storage;

7. Non-explosion-proof ceiling fans, some of which are not removed on the drawing shed;

8. Change the use of the workshop;

9, no special battery car charging area is set;

10. Special job positions are not certified.

This five companies were immediately ordered to suspend production and rectification, and they could resume work after review.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau pointed out that in view of the various problems found in the supervision of the return of work, all safety supervision stations must attach great importance to it, take responsibility seriously, strictly control, and resolutely follow the requirements of the provincial, Changsha and Liuyang municipal resumption of production. Does not meet the requirements and does not return to work.


The Safety Supervision Bureau stressed that in the next step, the re-inspection will be more stringent. Once it is found that the enterprise does not meet the production conditions for resuming work, it will be ordered to stop production and be investigated and punished according to the law. Anyone who lowers the standard and is not strict with the customs will start the task beforehand; if a production safety accident occurs, the relevant personnel responsibility will be strictly investigated.