Some States In The United States Banned Sparklers But Did Not Ban Guns

- Dec 04, 2018-

Some states in the United States banned sparklers but did not ban guns

In the United States, fireworks have long been on the same page as basketball, hot dogs, and apples. Since the establishment of the United States of America, every household has fireworks to celebrate the American birthday - July 4. But the fireworks also caused some injuries and accidents. So far, there are still two states in the United States such as Delaware and Massachusetts that completely ban fireworks. The other three states, such as Illinois, Ohio, and Vermont, only allow sparklers fireworks and other toy fireworks to be used and sold.

From BBC News

Gun VS sparklers fireworks (Delaware)

Delaware law states:

Anyone has the right to carry weapons to defend themselves, their families, their families and their national security;

No one can store or sell any fireworks including sparklers. Unless the licensed show fireworks are licensed.


American fireworks in 2016

4   Fireworks-related deaths

11,100 Fireworks-related injuries treated in hospitals

7,600 Were between 18 June and 18 July

17% Of those were caused by firecrackers 

12% Were caused by sparklers

Prohibition of fireworks is not the fundamental solution to the problem. Julie Heckman from the American Fireworks Association explained that the legalization of fireworks is safer. On the occasion of Independence Day, every ordinary person likes to use fireworks to express their patriotic enthusiasm and pride. If fireworks are banned, it will easily cause people to break through the ban and use fireworks illegally.

The good news is that since 2000, the number of states that have made fireworks sales legal has gradually expanded to the current size.