Sydney Prepares For The New Year's Eve Celebrations, Fireworks Show Exceeds Previous Levels

- Dec 05, 2018-

Sydney prepares for the New Year's Eve celebrations, fireworks show exceeds previous levels


The Sydney New Year's Eve celebrations are in full swing, with fireworks displays unveiled in an unprecedented lineup.

The Sydney City Government held a press conference outside the Sydney Opera House on the 4th. The relevant agencies introduced the preparations for the New Year's celebration.

Sydney Mayor Clover Moore announced the theme of the New Year's Eve celebrations – “The Pulse of Sydney”. She said: "Sydney is the first city in the world to welcome the New Year, so every celebration, Sydney will become the focus of the world. The New Year's Eve is a perfect moment to reflect the pulse of Sydney - attracting about 1.5 million visitors to the port to watch the real scene. The total number of global audiences exceeds 1 billion."

It is reported that this year's New Year's Eve celebrations will be based on the Australian native brand Icehouse classic song "Great Southern Land", a new 5-minute animated short film of the same name, which will inject the illusion of the Sydney Harbour.


The New Year's celebration fireworks show is the highlight. This year's fireworks show will be unveiled in an unprecedented lineup. It is known that the total weight of fireworks this year is 8.5 tons, 500 kilograms more than in 2017; the total number of cylindrical display shell is 35,000, 5,000 more than 2017; the round display shell is 13,000 pieces, and the huge lineup is unprecedented.


Fortunato Foti, the general director of fireworks, has been involved in this event for 22 years and has always been committed to innovation in terms of creativity and expressiveness. He revealed that the fireworks special effects of this year's celebrations totaled more than 100,000, including 1000 fireworks effects of the Harbour Bridge. Many of the fireworks styling creations are based on the theme of the festival, “Sydney Pulse,” which includes new styling such as “pulsating stars”. Similarly, 90% of this year's fireworks are from China.