The 8th China (Liuyang) International Music Fireworks Competition

- Aug 13, 2018-

The 8th China (Liuyang) International Music Fireworks Competition team solicitation announcement

In order to further promote the fireworks culture, enhance the creative design level of fireworks, and promote the innovation and exchange of fireworks display technology. After research, it was decided to openly collect the participation and performance teams of the 8th China (Liuyang) International Musical Fireworks Competition. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1. Time: 8:00-9:30, October 2, 2018

2. Location: Liuyang City Fireworks Viewing Platform Liuyang Jintan Fireplace 

3. Timely and long-term: There are a total of 6 games, including 4 games and 2 performances. The fireworks competition team will be on fire for 12 minutes, and the fireworks display team will be discharged for 3-5 minutes.

The form of the game:

In the global selection of teams from 4 different countries (excluding China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), the competition will be determined by lottery on the same night (4 games, opening and ending with 2 fireworks). After the jury's score, the scores are ranked from high to low, and the champion and runner-up winning teams are judged on the spot.

Awards and bonuses:

There is a champion, the prize is 10,000 US dollars; the runner-up is 1, the prize is 6,000 US dollars; the other 2 teams are the commemorative prize.

Registration and selection of participating and performance teams:

1. The participating teams are foreign discharge teams (excluding mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The performance team is a lighting company with a Class A fireworks display qualification in Liuyang City.

2. The participating teams shall have the corresponding qualifications for the discharge enterprise in the host country, and at least 3 lighting technicians (including the leader) shall participate in the design of the fireworks display plan and participate in the installation or guidance at the scene of the fireworks competition.

3. When applying, the team must submit an application form to the organizing committee to provide information on the company's qualifications, business license, performance, awards and other photocopies (must be translated in Chinese and English), and determine the entrustment in mainland China. Person (When registering, I will submit the ID card information and contact information of the client to the organizing committee. If there is no client, you can contact the organizing committee to participate in the lottery and other related docking work).

When applying, the performance team must submit an application form to the organizing committee to provide information on the company's qualifications, business license, performance, and awards.

4. The organizing committee organizes the qualification review team to conduct the evaluation. According to the qualifications of the registration and performance team, the performance of the show, the technical strength, and the awards of the competition, 4 teams and 2 performance teams will be finalized by secret ballot. Teams that have won gold medals in influential fireworks competitions around the world are given priority.

5. Registration time: August 3, 2018 - August 13th.

6, the participating and performance team to determine the time: mid-August 2018.

7. Place of registration: Liuyang Fireworks Fireworks Administration of Liuyang City, Hunan Province Organizing Committee of Liuyang Fireworks Exhibition (the second floor of the Liuyang Administration Center).

8, contact information:

Phone: +86-0731-83685576

Fax: +86-0731-83631433


Chinese: Mr. Li Tel: +86-13707497686

English: Miss Zhang +86-18670360288 (wechat/whatsapp)

Western: Miss Huang +86-18874218666 (wechat/whatsapp)

Russian: Miss Zhao +86-13786136789 (wechat/whatsapp)


Fireworks construction and technical support:

The fireworks construction team will be decided by the participating teams. The organizing committee will organize the personnel to review and determine the qualifications and technical strength of the fireworks construction support team. Teams that do not support the team may be recommended by the organizing committee as a support unit for the domestic fireworks display company.

Creative and technical proposal approval:

The participating teams confirmed by the organizing committee must submit music, arrangement, creative plan and technical design plan to the organizing committee before September 8. If it is not submitted as required, it is deemed to be automatically waived.

Entry fee subsidy and requirements:

1. The participating team's emission subsidy is 30,000 US dollars/field, and the fireworks display team's discharge subsidy is 50,000 yuan/field. It includes fireworks design, discharge products, transportation (loading and unloading), construction, equipment and personnel round-trip airfare, domestic accommodation, catering, transportation costs and other related expenses.

2. After the confirmation by the organizing committee, the participating teams will issue a formal invitation to them. They must sign the “Contract of Entry” with the organizing committee within one week from the date of confirmation, and pay the performance bond of USD 2,941 to the organizing committee (equivalent to RMB). It is 20,000 yuan) and will be returned after the discharge is completed. If the contract is revoked without the written approval of the organizing committee, the performance bond will not be refunded.