The Ancient Fireworks Industry Is A Poverty Alleviation Project That Benefits Disadvantaged Groups

- Jan 07, 2019-

The ancient fireworks industry is a poverty alleviation project that benefits disadvantaged groups

Author: Director of Changsha Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau Hu Chunshan

The fireworks industry is a few "geographical trademark" of Changsha. It is also an important poverty alleviation industry that has continued for more than a thousand years to support countless vulnerable farmers.

According to statistics, a carton of fireworks worth 100 RMB, of which 25 RMB wages (to rural vulnerable farmers), 6 RMB tax, 8 RMB logistics freight, 12 RMB profit, 45 RMB raw and auxiliary materials sales. The city's 40 billion RMB fireworks and firecrackers output value, can make 400,000 people per capita income of nearly 30,000, pay 2.4 billion tax, 8,000 large and small trucks, 800 production entrepreneurs earn 1 million yuan, 2000 industrial chain supporting enterprises Earning 500,000 RMB will allow nearly 8 billion RMB of funds to flow into the local market, allowing 350,000 migrant workers to work, leaving 160,000 families without left-behind children, and leting 1 million local farmers get rid of poverty.

As a traditional industry, fireworks, although it is a high-risk industry, has always been cherished by farmers who are difficult to find and unable to leave their homes because of their powerful “Poverty Alleviation and Enriching People” effect. An important way to yearn for.

Since 2016, Changsha has been the main fireworks and firecrackers producing area in the city, with 70% of the country and 50% of the global market share. After continuous rectification, closing and exiting 400 backward production enterprises, promoting mechanized production and strengthening supervision and enforcement, the city's fireworks and firecrackers production and operation The intrinsic safety level of the unit has been significantly improved.

Safety and environmental protection are the basis for the sustainable development of the fireworks industry. To manage safety is to protect employment, protect enterprises, and protect the industry.

In 2018, there were 3 general accidents and 2 deaths in the fireworks and firecrackers field in the city, which was the lowest in the calendar year. For the high-risk industries with a total output of over 40 million yuan for the employment of 350,000 people and the livelihood of 1 million people, the safety management situation is the most In a good year, the level of management and control is at the forefront of various industries, and the accident rate is far lower than that of transportation, construction, and even industry and trade.

Meeting the people's longing for a better life is our goal.

To solve the poverty alleviation and get rich, the fireworks industry has made tremendous contributions.

Each of us, every entrepreneur, every employee, every practitioner must have a deep affection for the people, cherish the traditional cultural and creative industries, and be responsible for the safety and management of the farmers. The rice bowl reduces rural poverty and left-behind children, and reduces the human tragedy caused by accidents.