The City That Fires Fireworks And Firecrackers Every Day Won The 2018 Green Development Model City

- Jan 24, 2019-

Article source: Shandong Fireworks and Firecrackers Association
Liuyang, Hunan is the “Hometown of Chinese Fireworks”. It also enjoys the reputation of “Hometown of Chinese Poetry, China's Excellent Tourism City, and China's Living Environment Model Award”. It is a pilot city for China's development and reform, and a national ecological demonstration county (city).

On January 20th, the 5th Green Development Summit hosted by Xinhuanet was held in Beijing. The theme of the summit was “Green China, Green Creation Future”, as an important part of the summit, “2018 Green Development Model City, 2018 Green Development The list of the most influential corporate brands was released at the same time. Among them, Liuyang City won the 2018 green development model city.
Liuyang Fireworks has formed an industrial cluster integrating production, operation, R&D and logistics, accounting for 50% of the domestic market share and 70% of the international market share. In Liuyang, fireworks and firecrackers are set off every day, and a large area is discharged. In 2018, the number of days with good air quality reached 344 days, an increase of 13 days compared with the same period of last year. The excellent and good rate was 94.2%. In 2018, PM2.5 dropped to 34 μg/m3 and the air quality reached the secondary standard. The data is sufficient to prove that air pollution has nothing to do with fireworks and firecrackers! ! !
Want to ask the fireworks tomorrow? Tell you: the future fireworks will be safer, more beautiful and more environmentally friendly!