The Development And Application Of Pili Cracker Fully Automatic Production Machinery

- Nov 16, 2018-

Pili cracker

Mechanized R&D, safety and efficiency are equally important. Only by constantly pushing new ideas can we make good products unbeaten.

Round body, wrapped in colorful icing, dragging a small tail one centimeter long. Ignite the small tail, smashing, sparkling, a gram of gunpowder, can last for about 20 seconds.

"Pili cracker", a kind of toy fireworks, "candy fireworks", "weird bombs", "small guns" and "dragon bombs" are all other names.

Don't underestimate this small pili cracker. Since the automatic production of machinery, the "pili cracker production base" of Liuyang Danhua Export Fireworks Co., Ltd., this year's annual output value will reach 40 million RMB yuan. The 400% year-on-year growth is a direct result of the machine production line. It also marks the small product of pili cracker, which has embarked on a special production road.

The production of one machine is equivalent to the manual production of 40 production workers.

Surrounded by green hillsides, 101 workshops maintain a safe distance, and 14 “pili cracker” production machines are in full swing.

Here, the entrance is poured into raw materials such as potassium nitrate, charcoal, coal, glue, and a small amount of sulfur. The machine has cut the shiny candy paper into small sheets, and the one-centimeter-long lead is accurately inserted into the sphere. The pili cracker was immediately completed.

“Before machine production, you need to plant, cut paper, fight drugs, etc. One person can only do more than 10 kilograms a day. Now, 14 machines can do tens of thousands of kilograms a day.” It’s hard to hide pride in words.

Zhang Shuguang is the head of Liuyang Danhua Export Fireworks Co., Ltd. and the inventor of the pili cracker production machine.


Zhang Shuguang told reporters that twenty years ago, there were more than ten pili cracker production enterprises in Liuyang, and they gradually became weaker.

"The production capacity is limited, and the wages are rising, which restricts the development of the pili cracker." Zhang Shuguang said that the realization of the whole mechanical production, the pili cracker capacity is equivalent to the original 10 manual factories! At the same time, the cost can be reduced by 30% and the production efficiency is higher. An machine can replace 40 production workers.

According to Zhang Shuguang, pili cracker toy fireworks are very popular in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the largest demand, and some markets in Europe and America. "The supply of goods is in short supply. This is just some old markets for export. If you can develop new markets, it is estimated that sales can be expanded." More than double."

It is understood that Danhua Export has acquired a factory building, and it is expected that the annual output value of the ice cannon will exceed 100 million yuan after the expansion.

Zhang Shuguang has more than 30 independent intellectual property rights, of which the pili cracker professional machinery has passed the scientific and technological achievements of Hunan Province and is welcoming the mechanical safety certification.