The First Batch Of Group Standards For The Fireworks And Firecrackers Industry In Hunan Province

- Mar 27, 2019-


On the morning of March 12, the first group standard news conference of the fireworks and firecrackers industry in Hunan Province was held in Liuyang. The first batch of Liuyang fireworks traditional small product group standards was promulgated.

For a long time, fireworks and firecrackers are all produced according to GB10631 standard. Since GB10631 is a large standard covering all categories of fireworks and firecrackers, it is inconvenient to refine and quantify the safety, quality and environmental protection indicators of many traditional small products. There is no specific basis for research and development, production, inspection, and supervision. In response to the national call to protect the environment, the fireworks and firecrackers industry in Hunan Province has developed a more secure and environmentally friendly traditional small product standard.

The release of the "Liuyang Fireworks Traditional Small Products" group standard not only fills the gaps in the traditional small-scale products of domestic fireworks and firecrackers, but also increases the environmental performance index requirements in the fireworks and firecracker product standards (that is, the PM2.5 concentration in the air after outdoor lighting is 24h). The average limit <75μg/m3) is an innovation of the fireworks and firecracker group standard in Hunan Province, and it has been actively and effectively explored. It is of far-reaching significance to regulate the market competition order, promote enterprises to improve their competitiveness, promote product optimization and upgrade, and promote the high-quality development of Liuyang fireworks industry. It has positively promoted the breakthrough of the city's banned fireworks policy and the implementation of urban fireworks classification management.

The traditional small products of Liuyang Fireworks are the general name of C and D products in the product category of "Fireworks and Firecrackers Safety and Quality" (GB10631-2013). They mainly refer to spray, lift, spin, spit, and toys. , firecracker non-firecracker products and combination fireworks class inner diameter of 0.8 吋 without inner cylinder products. It is a variety of traditional Chinese culture in fireworks and firecrackers, which is more popular among consumers. Its small amount is the safest in the process of research and development, production, storage, transportation, sales and discharge. It is also the main species of foreign exchange earned by fireworks exports, and is an effective channel for the employment of surplus labor and income generation for the benefit of the people.

Wang Jianbo, director of Liuyang Firecracker Fireworks Management Bureau, said at the meeting that the group standard will establish a comprehensive standard system with national standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards to jointly promote the reform and innovation of Liuyang fireworks industry and create A group of influential Liuyang fireworks brands in the new era.