The Liuyang Fireworks Association Plans To Set Up A Model Fireworks Branch And Build A Hundred Tube Recycling Station Before The Spring Festival

- Nov 13, 2018-

The Liuyang Fireworks Association plans to set up a model fireworks branch and build a hundred tube recycling station before the Spring Festival

mould fireworks

Recently, the Molding Fireworks Enterprise Alliance Conference was held in Liuyang City. The participants discussed the development of the molded fireworks, the superiority of the new process and the existing problems, and formulated a master plan for the recycling of the molded fireworks and specific implementations. The meeting also made it clear that more than 100 "molded fireworks outer tube fixed-point recycling stations" will be built before the Spring Festival.

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As the new technology of molded fireworks has realized the standardization of products, the development of mechanization and automation has become more and more mature, the product quality is more stable, and the safety performance in production, transportation, storage and discharge is significantly improved. In recent years, molded fireworks have developed rapidly. At present, there are hundreds of enterprises producing molded fireworks in Liuyang, with an annual output value of 4 billion yuan, of which about 450 million yuan is exported. However, as the market is getting bigger and bigger, more and more solid waste (molded fireworks outer tube) is produced after the display, so the environmental problems formed are becoming more and more prominent.

The meeting proposed to strengthen the self-discipline and responsibility of the industry, set up the Liuyang City Fireworks and Firecrackers General Assembly Mould Fireworks Branch, participate in standards development, marketing, industry self-discipline, legal rights protection and other related work; increase the innovation and reform of molded fireworks outer tube raw materials To further improve the degradation rate of the molded fireworks outer cylinder; establish an effective recovery mechanism for the molded fireworks outer cylinder, turning waste into treasure.

“Molded fireworks manufacturers will cooperate with dealers around the country to establish a designated recycling station for molded fireworks outside the country, and 50 recycling stations will be built by the end of November.” The relevant person in charge of the enterprise alliance said that more than 100 construction targets will be completed before the Spring Festival. We will strive to establish a perfect molded carton outer tube recycling system within two years, paving the way for the sustainable and healthy development of the molded fireworks and fireworks industry.