The Most Beautiful Fireworks In The World Is In This Small Town Of Japan

- Sep 10, 2018-


Kakegawa should be the most inconspicuous stop on the Tokaido Shinkansen between Tokyo and Osaka. The express train "Hope" is flying directly, and only the slow train "light number" and the slower "echo" stop. It is said that at the time, there was no plan to set up a Shinkansen station in a small town with a population of only 110,000. It was finally promoted after repeated lobbying by the local government.

On the hot day of August, the nearby Fukui City will hold a fireworks show. Although the city is small enough to have a population of only 80,000, the "Tenju Fireworks Conference" of Bagi is famous throughout Japan - not only the number of fireworks (30,000), but also the top fireworks division in Japan. It is a feast of fireworks.

When you come to see the fireworks show, there are not only residents of the surrounding towns, but also tourists from all over Japan and even around the world. Many people will choose to take the Shinkansen to Kakegawa, and spend a day here. We are also one of them.

I thought that the streets and lanes would be as crowded as the China National Day. At 3 pm on the weekend, I couldn't see a person on the street. The spotless road is straight and empty, 90% of the shops on both sides of the road have laid down the aluminum alloy door, and almost no customers are seen when the door is opened. I even had one or two cars passing by. The Shinkansen is not intended to set up a station here, and there is no need to explain it.

The three castles in Kakegawa are important monuments in the Far East region. They used to be military bases during the Warring States Period in Japan. We are going to Kakegawa Castle. Walking to the vicinity of Kakegawa City, I finally met several tourists from Taiwan. It was only then that I suddenly found out that meeting a living person would make people so happy.

The size of the Kawagawa Castle can be known from the number of steps in front of the gate. Climb up dozens of stone steps, and go directly to the foot of the castle tower. This castle tower was rebuilt between 1990 and 1993. It is different from other reconstructed Tianshou reinforced concrete structures. It is the first Japanese castle to use the all-wood structure to restore.

Compared to Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Osaka Castle in Osaka, and Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto, the castle tower in Kakegawa Castle has no splendid decoration and no grandeur, but it is the most enjoyable. In those high-class towns, the most luxurious parts are often visited, with wide rooms and murals with beautiful patterns. And often can only wait and see through a certain distance, and sometimes have to line up one by one. In this simple and simple city of Kakegawa, everything is so casual. You can sit down on the tatami, sit meditation in front of the Buddha, and gently open a paper door in the dark corridor... The approachable affinity of the small place even penetrates into this ancient castle tower.

Unknowingly, in this small Kakegawa City, I actually played for two hours. It is time to go to the fireworks meeting.


It takes only 8 minutes by car from Kakegawa to Bago. The location of the ride is at the Shinkansen station, but it is just a light rail tram. When I arrived at the station, there were more people. People came from all directions, and their hands were full of food. "Oh! We haven't bought it yet!" After realizing that she had made such a major mistake, we sneaked into the supermarket in front of the station.

It's late late! In addition to the fresh refrigerators or full of food, the ready-to-eat items are almost empty, and the shelves are almost empty. During the hesitation, I turned around and saw the basket of fried chicken, sushi, and French fries in the basket next to the big cockroach. In a young man’s cart, he even put more than twenty cans of beer. "What do you have left?" Three times and five divisions, we also walked into the station with two big satisfactions.

The station that was still cold and clear a few hours ago is now full of people, the platform is crowded with people, and the bathroom is lined up. Sure enough, this is what the festival should look like.

After 8 minutes, arrive at the bag well station. The crowd of black people is pouring in the same direction. The girls dressed in yukata adorned with flowers, the delicate makeup, the hair into a delicate hair, the ear does not have a silk flower, really a beautiful scenery. The merchants along the way are also very heart-warming. The night market, the shaved ice, the fried noodles, the dumplings, the fried chicken, and the barbecue are on the road that the people must pass. The smell of the fragrance is just mouth-watering. The two people in front seemed to be unable to bear it. They rushed to the skewer at the speed of lightning and came to the two. They stood up and ate. The two sweaty stains were filled with satisfaction.

Soon, we walked out of the city and entered the field. The green rice fields are unfolding, the trams are swaying, and the country roads are covered with Japanese paper lanterns. The warm, calm yellow light guides us in the twilight.

The venue of the Fireworks Festival was on the grass of a few kilometers of park, and the blue plastic cloth of woven bag was used to cover the audience. We found the location of our ticket and sat down on the ground. There are still more than half an hour from the opening, and everyone is enjoying the food. I couldn't help but laugh out. The Japanese are really "loyal fans who have to eat to celebrate" traditional loyal fans!

When the first fireworks unfolded a huge disk directly above the top of the head, the audience cheered. Then there is the second hair, the third hair... red orange yellow green, and the night sky becomes bright.

In the next two hours, 20,000 fireworks were hit. Its colors, shapes, and combinations, like large dances, have been carefully designed and arranged to complement each other. When the most colorful large flower disk blooms, there will be a small piece of plain flowers next to it; when the top night is lit, there will be fireworks in the bottom. Sometimes it is a layer of fireworks array, the bottom is the line, the middle is a flashing flower cluster, and then the top is the unfolding weeping willow, the top is the Saturn pattern of the flower disk, which blooms in the music sound.

It’s no wonder that the introverted Japanese often choose the fireworks meeting to confess to the people. Yes, under such an audio-visual shock, it is easy for the other party to have the feeling of “saying everything is good”.

Halfway through the process, the Mt. Fuji pattern appeared at low altitude. Below it, the flower fire falls down. In the sky, the stars are twinkling. This situation is only in the sky.

The symphony "No one sleeps tonight" brought the audience to the climax. With the opening of the aria, the columnar fireworks went straight into the sky. Followed by geometric patterns of various colors, the rhythm and music are not bad. When the treble part comes, the flowers are released. The nature of the lead is the brightest large disc at the highest point, the shimmering florals act as chords, and even the drums before the end are perfectly matched with the “brushing la la la” of the fireworks itself.

At the end of the song, the sky has just passed away. I touched my cheek and it was already wet. Japanese culture pays attention to "one-stage and one-off", attaches importance to opportunities, cherishes the present, and the Fireworks Conference has become a part of their lives. And I, a stranger from a foreign country, at this moment, sitting here with my favorite person, listening to "No one sleeps tonight" to watch the gorgeous fireworks, isn't it the most valuable fate in the world? ?

The fireworks are short-lived and enthusiasm burned, so there will be no regrets.