The Young Generation Of Fireworks Workers Must Break Through The Industry’s Traditional Consciousness

- May 31, 2018-

As a traditional industry, the development of the fireworks industry is much slower than the development of other industries in the same period.

We hope that the fireworks industry can also inject modern corporate concepts like other industries, and actively construct new-style fireworks companies with diversified equity, well-capitalized, well-qualified products, and great products. Therefore, we hope that the younger generation will have more courage and become the “vanguard” that breaks through the industry’s traditional consciousness.

Otherwise, in the end you will find that you and your parents were still in the same place five years ago.

The young talents who dare to take the lead in fireworks and artillery should shoulder the heavy responsibility of history and take the lead. Because young, there is nothing to frame, it is more conducive to consciousness "breakout"; because young, no tie, but should dare to think, play smart, to create a legend of the fireworks industry!

Traditional consciousness imprisonment needs to break through the drawbacks of family-owned enterprises

More than 95% of the fireworks industry is a family-owned company.

There is nothing wrong with a family-owned company. It shows infinite cohesion and fighting power in the early stages of development and growth. However, as companies enter a mature period, the various drawbacks of family-owned enterprises become more and more apparent, and even affect the development of enterprises.

Mainly manifested in: decision-making at random, different inside and outside, incentive is not enough, talent is difficult to stay. The means are: the introduction of modern corporate philosophy, the development of a clear corporate development strategy, the use of equity incentives to retain people, with a formal enterprise management system constraints. If you do not reform and adjust the family-owned business, even if it is said to be a firework successor, it will be nothing more than a person who holds the ancestral business.

2.respect all people entering the fireworks industry

Respect all those who enter the fireworks industry, and especially welcome elites from other industries.Fireworkers don’t be afraid that people come in to grab your job. The industry itself should have an open mind to learn from the outside world.

From the IT company, bravely stepping into the fireworks industry, using its own technical expertise and combining the characteristics of fireworks, it quickly developed an ignition system that can compete with foreign lighting equipment, and pushed the Chinese fireworks display from technology to art. For many years, this was the gap that we, the artillery people, had formed for a long time. It was a good thing for someone to fill it.

For example, the cultural level of the fireworks industry has been difficult to improve. Perhaps the biggest names in the arts and culture industry are concerned about and enter the fireworks industry to operate. I think our fireworks will shine!

The implication is that the fireworkers must be generous, the older generation must learn to be inclusive, and the young generation must learn to introduce.

The fireworks industry has been calling for more elites. However, the current status of fresh blood entering the fireworks industry is not satisfactory. According to a set of data obtained from the Changsha University of Profession and Technology Fireworks Profession, the number of graduates cultivated in professional schools each year will be more than 10% of the newly-changed school gates (learned from the loss of land used). Over 50% of them are really engaged in the fireworks industry.

It is very dangerous for an industry that wants to develop vigorously without sufficient fresh blood injection. Therefore, the burden on the young generation of fireworks can not be lighter, the concept of employing people can be changed, and the use of corporate options for rare talents to encourage and retain people may be effective.