There Are Indications That This Year's US Fireworks Sales Are Good

- Jun 27, 2018-

On July 4, 2018, the United States Independence Day was approaching, and most of the fireworks sellers in the United States entered the sprint countdown. This year's 3 big favors:

Good 1: The United States has accelerated its economic growth, and the people are making a dash

According to an observer network report on June 26, 2018, the growth rate of the U.S. economy has been accelerated by 1%, and the unemployment rate has dropped to a level near the 20-year low.

The CNBC reported that the data showed that Trump’s economic policy support rate rose by 6 percentage points to 51%, while the dissenting people dropped by 6 percentage points from the March survey to 36%. More than half of the U.S. public endorsed Trump's economic policy. This is the first time since he took office as U.S. president.

Good 2: weather help, just play fireworks

There are no large areas of extreme weather such as dry weather in the United States. American fireworks are mainly consumed in areas such as the Midwestern United States and the southern United States. The weather is still good, which is conducive to outdoor fireworks.

Good 3: Insufficient delivery, more inventory

After the start of the Spring Festival this year, China started late. In addition to the large-scale holiday of the two major fireworks production areas in China, a large proportion of Meixian fireworks exporters did not deliver on schedule. In turn, it also promotes the United States importers to compete for the survival of the fittest, while at the same time accelerating the sales of each importer's inventory.

It is expected that in the future (now under development), China's fireworks foreign trade companies will focus their core competition on a single business and gradually move to the entire company team. In particular, the downstream departments in addition to the business will work together to strengthen team training and improve efficiency. Only in this way can we be invincible in the face of complex and volatile situations.



After the end of the sales season on July 4, there will be some US fireworks buyers who can't wait to come to China. There will be another batch, and after the US fireworks show from September 10-14, 2018, there will be a big wave.