Three Fireworks And Firecrackers Factories In Liuyang, China Were Punished

- Oct 16, 2018-

In order to effectively carry out the safety production work of the city's fireworks and firecrackers production and operation units in the autumn and winter seasons and the production season, effectively prevent production safety accidents, and arrange according to the unified arrangement of the whole city. The fire fighting and firecracker safety production in the autumn and winter seasons has been fully launched.


Yesterday, Tang Qiang, the deputy researcher of the municipal government, led the team to carry out “double random” safety production supervision for the fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises in Shegang Town, Longfu Town and Qikou Town by adopting the “four noss and two straight” methods.

The inspection focused on the guards of the fireworks and firecrackers production, the "wearing cap project", the hidden dangers investigation and management, the "three super one reform" and the "three reservoirs and four defenses".

Survey results:

1. Liuyang Yuantai Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

There is a problem:

In the charging room of No.1 and No.58, the employees did not stop the operation when the safety officer entered the workshop inspection;

2. The finished product warehouse has not set up the fire isolation wall and the channel marking line in accordance with the regulations, and the paper packaging box and the wire packing box are mixed, and there is a phenomenon that the employees ride the motorcycle;

3. The environmental sanitation of the plant is poor.

2. Liuyang Yuanxiang Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

There is a problem:

1. Violation of the operation of workers in mechanical mixed drugs;

2. Use a non-anti-static device to hold the drug.

Treatment measures: For the problems of the above two companies, order the on-the-spot or deadline to rectify the situation.

3. Liuyang Zhongzhou Fireworks Group Corporation Mingguang Branch

(1) There are problems:

1. Change the use of the workshop: change the machine pressure line to the machine pressure whistle, and leave the medicine cake under the road shed;

2. Arranging the employees who do not hold the special operation operation certificate to go to work: spot check the bright bead line and the machine pressure medicine line, all of which have the operation behavior of the employees who do not hold the special operation operation certificate.

(2) Treatment measures

1. Order the production of the bright bead line and the medicine column line;

2. File a case.


In the next stage, Liuyang will adhere to the standard and strengthen law enforcement. At the same time, it will continue to promote the safe production of fireworks and firecrackers in the autumn and winter seasons. It will not be in compliance with safety production if it fails to apply for resumption of work according to regulations and resumes work without inspection and approval. The conditions of the fireworks and firecrackers enterprises are determined to suspend production and rectification, and the case investigated and investigated shall be investigated and punished according to law.